Love On Ice (a love story)(girls only)

Love On Ice (a love story)(girls only)

this is a normal love story with NO FAMOUS PEOPLE (love wise maybe a meeting here and there) please comment :)

Chapter 1

character BIO

Brooklyn Jamie Lovette
age: 16
height: 5'3
appearance: brown hair that is long and to her ribs. brown eyes right in between hazel and chocolate brown. very pretty and slender. very tan

Bex (Rebecca) Amy Zoland
age: 16
heigh: 5'5
appearance: dirty blonde hair, to her ribs. light blue eyes. very pretty, very pale

Kelsey Joanne Lesley
appearance: short brown hair to her shoulders. brown eyes. a little chubby but not fat. very giggly

Jayla Marie Jones (J.J.)
height: 5'1
appearance: platinum blonde hair to her shoulders, slender, pretty, very smart, blue eyes.

Jorden Lawson
age: 17
height: 5'8
appearance: lanky, brown hair, buzz cut, brown eyes.

Jesse Chapman
height: 5'9
appearance: short brown hair, hazel eyes, lanky, very tall

Tyler Austin Sparrow
age: 16
height: 5'5
appearance: short brown hair almost a buzz cut. hazel eyes. muscular. funny.

all these characters are based of real people i know and skate with. however the ages may have been modified and the names have been changed. and this story is not real in anyway except for the background of the story. thanks for reading!

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