Deceptions of an Immortal

Even in a world where mythical and supposedly non-existent creatures roam freely, danger lurks behind every darken corner, watching silently and waiting. Always waiting.
I'd like to thank some users for all their help on this story.i_luv_u_jk , Thecoolestginger , Millerfan101 , KimPossible , Rachie221 , harrypotterfan971 , Xxkatie , ChloeJane , rocky may , smiley face__ , newbiie , Purple1219 , Blondebeast. A special thanks goes out to WolfHeart101 (Luke) for helping me start the story.~Jace

Chapter 2

Simply Here

by: Jacers__
"I'm simply here to return the favor-," Spark repeated, her accent hiding her amusement, "how many years ago did these four fellas turn you? Cause you know, I'm guessing this little girl is too young to have been alive when you..changed."

"About 120 years, give or take a few," the werewolf snarled, "what's it to you?"

"Do you not understand what this symbolizes?" Spark asked, her voice becoming frustrated as the day's events caught up with her.

"Not a damn clue," he said and another small gasp escaped the little girl's lips.

"This means I come from one of the powerful families of born lycanthropes. If I wanted, I could snap my fingers and you'd be dead. But today is your lucky freaking day," Spark's alpha voice was still coming through despite her wishes.

"How? How do you know I don't want to die and that's why I came back to fight these losers?" the kneeling werewolf sneered threateningly.

That got a reaction from the other four werewolves. They were now inching their way closer to him with their shiny white teeth bared and their backs arching as their anger began to take over.

"SHUT UP!" Spark roared and for the first time since immortals started to roam the world, the werewolves transformation was reversed.
"What the hell just happened?" But Spark just stood there, her blue eyes wide with wonder and fear.

"I-I got to go now."

She was gone before they could even blink.


Natalya Birgit watched silently from her post as a girl with curly blond hair ran past her without realizing she was even there.

"You know, she reminds me of you," a deep voice mused. He was like Natalya in some ways. No one knows they exist and if the elders knew they worked together, the outcome would be disastrous.

Natalya tilted her head slightly and brushed away her curly blond hair from her face just as the moonlight caught the gold highlights in her hair.

"How's that?" She asked her accomplice. He looked into her bright blue eyes evenly as she stared back into his turquoise ones.

"She looks like you. Although she's obviously a werewolf," he said smirking.

"No, she's a lycanthrope. There's a difference you know," Natalya answered back, hiding her amused smile.

"How much do you want to bet?" He asked her as he tied back his unusual blue hair.

"You have to cut your hair short if I'm right," Natalya whispered as she ruffled Zen Drachen's hair.

"Are you serious?" Zen asked, his eyes very wide, "Ah fine. And if I win, you have to dye your hair blue like mine."

"You're on," Natalya challenged just as another creature ran past them, his whole body shaking with rage as he seemed to be chasing the girl who had passed them moments earlier.

"Do you think...?" Zen let his sentence trail off and Natalya sighed while she opened her wings and flapped them a few times.

"I guess we got some work to do, Zen."

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