Deceptions of an Immortal

Even in a world where mythical and supposedly non-existent creatures roam freely, danger lurks behind every darken corner, watching silently and waiting. Always waiting.
I'd like to thank some users for all their help on this story.i_luv_u_jk , Thecoolestginger , Millerfan101 , KimPossible , Rachie221 , harrypotterfan971 , Xxkatie , ChloeJane , rocky may , smiley face__ , newbiie , Purple1219 , Blondebeast. A special thanks goes out to WolfHeart101 (Luke) for helping me start the story.~Jace

Chapter 1

Back in New York.

by: Jacers__

Let's face it, when a six foot four tall man walks down the street, most people stop, turn and stare. Maybe even burst out with squeals of 'Oh my gosh. He's soooo hot!"

So how is it that this particular fellow can strut down the busy streets of New York while his gold-hazel eyes search the crowd, while a hungry look grows stronger with every passing moment, without anyone even noticing?
The answer lies within the man himself.

He's over 120 years old but looks as if he isn't a day over 23. No body can mistake the three, bright red marks down his right forearm for a simple kitchen mishap. This man's appearance is screaming for attention.

But what is he?

A street in downtown New York, Around 2 A.M In The Morning.

"Oh screw it," Spark Liekos muttered irritably as she threw out her tan arms in a frustrated manner. She had tried many times to flag down a taxi but it just wasn't as simple as she thought.

"First I miss my flight here from England, I don't know anybody in this city, I have no freaking clue where my hotel is and I absolutely-," Spark's irritable rage stopped as her own grumbling was drowned out by the deep voices in a heated discussion about 30 feet behind her.

She squinted her blue eyes to appear as a human curious to see what was going on. In all reality, she did not need to. Her low-light vision allows her to see just as well in the dark of the night as in the light of the day.

Just when she thought it was some brawl between some drunk New York men, a silver knife flew towards Spark and she hastily flattened herself against the brick wall of the nearest building. Her ruby red lips curled up in a wicked smile. Now it was personal.

Pushing back her curly blond hair, Spark rolled up the sleeves of her blood red sweater and sneakily made her way toward the group of fighting males.

"Well what do we have here?" Spark asked casually as she examined her nails. She winced slightly as her British accent broke through.
"None of your damned business woman," one of them growled, and something seemed to snap inside Spark's mind. They're not human.

"I'm pretty sure it is," she laughed and carefully drew back a few strands of her satiny hair to reveal the small, colored tattoo just below her ear. At first glance, it looks like a circle with letters inside; but those letters are not what they seem to be. If you were to look closer, you would see the tiny drawings that represent a natural born lycanthrope.

A young girl was hiding between the legs of one of the men and she let out a tiny gasp. Her tiny hands flew up to her mouth, and her cheeks blushed profusely. Soon, a hushed whisper went through the crowd just as one of the males tried to escape.
"Hold it right there," Spark's alpha voice rang out, and everyone froze.

"I'm going to ask you again, what do we have here?" Spark spoke softly yet her alpha voice was still crystal clear.

A man around Spark's five foot five build hurriedly stepped out and grabbed the fleeting man by the collar, dragging him until he was kneeling before Spark.

Spark met this man's gold-hazel eyes and was instantly distracted by the flecks of moss green and chocolate brown in his eyes. He was nearly as tall as her kneeling, and the shiver it sent her was not pleasant. Seconds passed before Spark got a hold of herself and demanded the fleeting mans reasoning for the disturbance.

"These men here," he pointed toward the man who had dragged him toward her and the others behind him, "turned me into a werewolf. I'm simply here to," the man's lips spread apart to reveal a set of white teeth, "return the favor."

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