Heartfelt Shout-Outs for 2011-2012 Stuff

Just because almost everyone is gonna do it... Eh.

Chapter 1

Thank You Everyone

Please don't be disappointed if you're not here. Promise, you're in my heart, and that's more important than words. Even though I sometimes am guilty of being heartbroken when I'm forgotten.

Particular order or not, I don't think it really matters. I can't magically align them so no one is the first or something. But this isn't in any order, so hold your breath and hope you're in this list. Oh, and by the way, I'm just thinking off the top of my head, no such things as looking on my friends list.

Nikki Hey. I missed you. Sorry for my outburst about a concert. I think I had a bad day that day, and I probably am not ever going to see that singer. I couldn't afford it, to be honest. But I really am sorry. I miss you, a lot. I just have too much pride on my hands.

You're probably my first closest friend on here. I would write more, but I'm starting to forget the names of other people. If you're reading this, drop me a message when you need someone, okay? I'm here for you.

Katie To be really, really honest, I tried to become your best friend when we first came across each other on the internet. It's about The Hunger Games that you added me, right? I asked if it was any good... I wish we really were best friends then. Maybe you could have helped me when I went through hard times, and I could've helped you with your problems. But it didn't happen. Again, blame my pride. You're a great friend, Katie.

Dom We became friends because of my stories, huh? I saw your first comment and our first communication on my profile a few hours before. If not for my suggestion of starting a story together, we probably won't be this close. I admit I was a bit reluctant, but from that moment on, I did not regret one thing. You're a brilliant writer and, most especially, friend. I wouldn't know what would've happened now if we weren't friends.I hang on to a broken needle because of you.

Durfi When I first started getting comments from you, I was too lazy to answer. I was even contemplating on not commenting back. But I'm happy I did (even through all those Glee pregnancy and stupid screenplay writers stuff.) You're a great one, Durfi, if not having the same characteristics as some of my real life 'friends'. But they're gone now, anyway. They forgot about me, and left me in the dust. But you didn't, and I love you for that. If we ever have a disagreement/argument, I wouldn't know what to do.

Keli Hey Keli. I don't know what happened. I don't know if you're ignoring me. But yeah. When I first started to get comments from you, I actually anticipated your replies. I don't know-- something about you fascinated me. You seemed like a mystery, yet an open book. I don't know. If I did something wrong to you, I don't know if you'll forgive me, but I'm waiting for you.

Pepper I can't believe I almost forgot about you! It's a good thing I checked my profile! I actually went a few spaces back because I was already at the bottom section. You just had to be here! Keep on livin'! Get online more times!

And who else? Hmm...

- Section for people I don't know the real names of -

xxXAlexDevilPotterXxx/bellslove Thank you for being there when no one else was. When my closest friends (even on here) weren't. Thank you. And all of your comments made me happy. You're the one who gave me encouragement on continuing writing. I admit that sometimes I thought you were just simply commenting and not reading the actually stuff, but now, your comments started getting longer, realer. I don't know how to explain it, but there it is. Just remember please - I'm there for you. Drop me a message too when you need someone. I'm here for you.

lovelyannemarie Haha, your name is probably Anne Marie. But I don't think you're comfortable with me calling you by your name. I don't know what to write about you - you just flew on my mind. Hey there!

vanessac222 Hey! Thank you for all the comments! Thank you for making me believe that someone really is there for me. I love you. I hope we can get to know each other more and more this year!

nubilis AND OF COURSE! Moooootheeeeerrrrr! Wuv you!

Can't remember anymore... Sorry! If you think I may have missed you, comment or message me about it then I'll add it on the second chapter.

I like Harvest Moon and worrying about my OTP.


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