Irresistible (A Sirius/Regulus Black Love Story)

Irresistible (A Sirius/Regulus Black Love Story)

(Marauders Era)Sydney Malfoy is Lucius Malfoy's little sister.Unlike her family members,she is sorted into Gryffindor.Of course,being a Malfoy and a Gryffindor isn't as easy as it seems.Her parents,brother treats her differently,now that she got sorted into Gryffindor,and her fellow Gryffindor mates dislikes her just because she's a Malfoy.The worst of all,is that the Marauders bully/tease/prank Sydney all the time! Bad languages may be used

Read and find out!

Chapter 1


Name:Sydney Leila Malfoy
Age:14,a year younger than the Marauders.
Blood Status:Pure Blood
Family:Abraxas,Leila Malfoy(Parents),Lucius Malfoy(Older Brother)
Wand:Rosewood,core of venom of Basilisk,Inflexible,13 3/4:
Best Mates:None,Lily Evans,Emmeline Vance,Marlene McKinnon,Alice Prewett,and Mary Macdonald.
Mates:Severus Snape,Xenophilius Lovegood,possibly Remus Lupin,Frank Longbottom,Narcissa Black,Andromeda Black,and Ted Tonks
Enemies:Everybody,Hestia Jones,especially the Marauders,her brother,Bellatrix Black,Regulus Black,Rodolphus Lestrange,Scabior,Mulciber,Avery,the Slytherin gang.
Looks:Long blonde hair,with piercing blue eyes.
Extra:Is a metamorphmagus part veela,and a Animagi.Her animagus is a wolf,but nobody knows.

Hello,My name is Sydney Malfoy.I'm usually very quite,and I only have few friends.I don't go up to random people and say,'Hello,mates,how you doin' today?',like the cocky,mean Marauders.They are quite mean,you see.They tease me,prank me,and bully me.It's awful.Oh,and that's not all.When I'm at home for breaks,I'm usually hollered at for being a Gryffindor and how I'm a disgrace in our family.So,usually,in Winter breaks,I stay at Hogwarts.Whatever they say,I take it in as truth.Also,they treat me like house-elves.I take it preetty well,though.Well,I have to aboard the 'Hogwarts Express'.It was quite fascinating meeting you.

Hello,I'm the author of this story :) Nice meeting you,and thank you for reading my story.I know that Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, Rodolphus, Rabastan, Andromeda,Ted,etc,was in 7th year when the Marauders just started Hogwarts,but let's just put it that they're in same year as the Marauders,for my story's sake!

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