This Whole Rebellion Dealio

Chapter 1

I Don't Really Care

I mean, yeah, owning your own stuff is nice, but I use Quibblo for fanfiction, of which content I barely even own anything. Honestly, though, they'd only use the best stories, and mine are far from the best, so I don't think I have to worry much.

The group stories I have, maybe. Maybe those should be somewhere else, because they have original content. Three of them do, at least. I don't know where they would go though, since they're with other people.

I also don't see what people are so fuzzed about. I mean, yes, they technically own your materials, but from what I see, they don't do anything with it. If someone can prove me wrong, then fine, I take my previous statement back. Most stories on here stay on here, and you can see who's written it clearly on the side and in the chapter title and it's just everywhere. Everywhere.

I mean, don't get me wrong, them owning our work is wrong, but not really a big deal at this moment.


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