The Adventures of Love

hey guys its me (: okay so this is my fist story so i hope its good.
okay so this story is about this really cute couple. There not a couple yet, but everyone knows that there going to be. Her name is Taylor Anne. His name is Graham Harvey. Taylor thinks he just a big bowl of fire ( HOT ) but she's not sure if he even knows that she exist. So this story is just going to be about her adventure of love ! <3

Chapter 1

The Plan :D

" There he is " said Taylor slapping Bell " Who " said Taylor's best friend Bell " Graham Harvey the guy im like always talking about " whispered Taylor " oh yeah i know him... why dont u ask him out " " I've tried " she explained " but every time I've tried to even talk to him my pals get really sweaty and i can't speak " .... " Well what are you going to do " ? ask Bell " Follow me "
So Bell and Taylor sprinted to 4th period 10 minutes early so they could plan out what they were going to do, but when the bell rang for 4th period they weren't even close to finishing. So the hole 4th period when Mr. Ore wasn't looking they planed some more and more and more, but then they finally finished. Then after 4th period they put there plan in action. Graham was about to close his locker when Taylor went over and said hey really loud. Graham looked at her with a stalker kind of face. " Hi " Graham said. " Hey my name is Taylor and i was wondering if u have a free period " ? said Taylor. " Umm.. i do now " " GREAT ! i mean sure " she yelled. " Where do u wanna go " ? asked Graham. " We could go to Starbucks " ? " um.. okay yeah sure " Graham said in a funky way. So Taylor and Graham went to Starbucks Coffee Shop. Taylor had a Gingerbread Coffee and Graham got a Vanilla Bean.
" So " said Taylor. " So " said Graham. " Wht do you look for in a girl " asked Taylor " Well " Graham explained. " I'm looking for a girl thats sweet , funny and one that can take a joke without getting mad at me when its about her fatness " yelled Graham. Taylor didnt know what to say, but before she had asked Graham to go to starbucks with her Bell told Taylor to find things in common with Graham so it wont be so awkward. Knowing Taylor she took that the wrong way. Instead of FINDING things in common with Graham she made things in common and by that i mean that Grahma and Taylor didnt have a lot in common but they had a little. And everthing that they didnt have in common she would say " I know right " or " I hate when people do that " and " Me too I hate it when people do that to me when im driving if u know what i mean " Graham and Taylor spent the whole period just talking and getting to know each other. Right when Graham was about to ask Taylor what do u look for in a guy , thu 6th period rang and rang and rang. " oh my gosh thats the third bell " said Taylor " We better go " yelled Graham. When the bell for that period rings 3 times it means ur late and u may get a tardy slip and have to sit in thu deans office.
Right when Taylor stepped on the schools property she got puled into the grass. It was Bell. " So how did it go " ? asked Bell. " I think that we did pretty well " said Taylor. " Well did you take my advice " wonderded Bell. " Yes I did and know that i think about it , we have alot in common " told Taylor Anne. " Oh know " gasp Bell. " WHAT WHATS IN MY HAIR " screamed Tayor. " what ! nu-nothing " Then why did you say oh know " asked Taylor. " because i bet you took my advice the wrong way didnt you " ? said Bell. " what do you mean " asked Taylor. " i mean i think you took it the wrong way and by THAT i mean instead of finding things in common did you make things in common " explained Bell.
"oh my gosh i did didnt I " ? Then they heard a voice. " Bella Rain and Taylor Anne please report to Dean Rivers office for tardiness " said Mrs. Williams Bell's and Taylor's health teacher. " oh no wwe were late to health class Bell " yelled Taylor Anne.

So Bell Rain and Taylor Anne went to The Dean. Dean Rivers office !


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