Chapter 1

Yes, You Might Meet Me Someday

Hello guys! Happy new year! Actually... don't have such a happy one. Be normal - have problems!

Okay... Drank coffee two times. Preserving my one day of vacation left. I hope you guys have school tomorrow or later. Quite late. I don't want to go to sleep yet.

I hate the people in my school. Especially my English and Filipino teacher - she ruined my favourite class. And my Science and HELE teacher hates me: goody.

So, you see, I hate this country too. You probably know that - I don't like Asians either. Asian book characters written by Caucasians are disliked by me. I meant the character, not the author. For example, if the story is set in England and there's an amazing girl and this pansy-eyed boy and this Asian chick-- I mean Asian 'dude'. I hate the dude. Then this dude proposed to the amazing girl, leaving pansy-eyed boy heartbroken after protecting his secret for many years.

Yeah, call me racist. I don't think it's possible, haha. You'll get this if we're really close, especially the pansy part. We've got to be really, really close. Yeah, talk to me on a message and you'll get that. Haha - even though some of my other close friends doesn't know that pansy joke. You've got to read the same books and stuff I do!

Yeah, and I'm reading -more like looking at pictures and slightly reading- this stuff that reminds me of childhood. I miss my cousin. Eh, she probably doesn't feel attached to me as much, but yeah. I'll live, as long as you guys are here. Wanna ask what it is? Hmm? Come on guys - I need to let out my inner fangirling...

Okay, here comes the IMPORTANT PART.

So yep. This decides my future - wish me luck guys! Praaaaaay!

January 21 marks my second screening exam day. The most fatal part of the process - Math, Science and English. I've got English covered, but I suck at Math. Really suck at it as much as whores love to suck. I mean, Algebra, Geometry and fractions and some other crap all in one?! For one/two hours?! Plus Science and English?!

I need you guys' support. Plus the other people all look so smart. I actually panicked when I sat at the room, waiting for the proctor. I thought I was inferior (and I am), but hell yeah, I passed! ... the first screening. Wind rustling and owl hooting...

And 18, 19 and 20 are my school's exam. Ughh, the circles under the eyes are gonna be bad. Well, my eyesight is going bad. I can't finish the book I'm reading with the stress, pressure and problems. Gaahhh.

So yeah - if you continue sending messages a lot, I'll give you one of my messages that, hmm, I dunno, will probably make you cry. So, (not pressuring you guys here) if you would be kind enough to send me twenty messages a day, you'll get my wonderful message. Now isn't that just awesome?

Yeah, let's stop beating around the bush; Don't send me too much messages. Cut it down a little.

Well, good bye guys! Until tomorrow - I have to study the day after that.

Fighting with the spirit of a weed,

P.S. If you don't get the weed thing, it's because when you step on weeds, if there are storms, too much heat, it's still strong and alive. So it's my motto now! Got it from the thing that reminded me of childhood. Seriously - ask me about it and I'll tell you that 'thing'! I need to fangirl with someone, it's frustrating me so much!

P.P.S I sent this again because only ten people read it. You know what annoys me most? Important things other people shrug off. Damn it.


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