Join this roleplay!

Join this roleplay!

Haven’t you always wanted to tour around the U.S. performing for crowds of thousands?

In what is assumed will be the biggest sold out tour of the decade,
Three acts.
come together to create fireworks on the stage…and off.

Airfare and Vivienne and Dexter get to open for the most loved roleplay in America, Tall City.
Together with their friends and family they have the experience of a lifetime.


Chapter 1

On the Road

In what is said will be the biggest sold out tour of the decade, a boy band, a girl band and a duet act come together to create fireworks on the stage…and off.

Will the close quarters and shared passion push them together or rip them apart?

This is not any ordinary tour. These acts have been specifically chosen for their looks, personalities, and talent by tour manager, Michael, in hopes that the line-up will bring in the biggest crowds Tall City has ever seen. Recording Breaking Hype.

When a bunk in the tour bus is the only place you have for yourself, the only escape from the others as well as the curious eyes of fans and the media, things can get tense. Who’s going to crack under the pressure?

But wait! There’s more…

Tall City Tour 2012 is more like a game of survivor then ever before in the music industry. You have to fight to stay on tour.

Improve your talent
Work on your rep
Look GOOD at all costs
Don’t mess up
Don’t break Michael’s rules
All in all, be the crowd’s favourite
or risk being sent back home…

Michael isn’t afraid to send people home.


Tall City was formed 2 years ago and have done two tours before this one (neither quite as big). They have released two very popular albums. Michael had been their manager the whole time. Kaleb has conducted their lights/sound the whole time and Ian has been their photographer/videographer since the beginning.

Viv & Dex have been playing music together about 2 years ago. They got a record deal very quickly and spent a long time perfecting their album which immediately made it to the top of the charts. They have done one smaller tour opening for a less popular group. This is their first big tour. Viv’s sister Jessamine did her hair and make-up on the first tour.

Airfare was formed one year ago. A few months after they were formed they were signed to a record label and began recording and album. They released their album which had good reviews just weeks before getting asked to open for Tall City. This is the first tour they’ve ever done though they have been rehearsing performing wherever they could for the past year.

Family Members/Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Best Friends all have their specific info they must know about their history with who they are linked to in their bio.

Dancers all have different backgrounds talked about in their bios. Unless otherwise stated, they do not yet know anyone on the tour.

The Fans, while they know of the celebrities and the links, don’t actually know any of them yet. They have not actually met/had conversations with anyone on tour.

You know you want to join it!
You get to be on tour, you choose your character, and to make it even better you choose your faceclaim off of this long list:

Everybody please join and make this amazing roleplay your home for this season!
Yes, season! It runs in multiple seasons, so you get to rest a while after 2 and a half months.

Join today:


*You know you want it :) *


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