Harry Potter Oneshots :3

So here's my small collection of oneshots requested by a couple of readers of my other stories. The perspective differs from my usual 2nd person to 3rd person (it's easier). If you wish to request a oneshot of your own, please don't be shy and send me a private message. :) But keep in mind it'll probably take a little bit for me to write it because I can only write if the mood strikes me. XD Anyways, onforth and conquer, my lovely readers!

Chapter 1

Crush- David Archuleta :)

The pairing is DracoxGinny, a request from mrscullen1234. Please enjoy, criticism always welcome. :3 Don't be discouraged by the length, I might have gotten a little carried away. A lot. Also please excuse any spelling mistakes because this was typed on my Kindle Fire and I'm not used to typing on a touch screen. :/

It started with a look.
Just one quick fleeting moment of eye contact, silver against brown, evil against oblivious, but that one look was enough to spark something in Ginny. Enough to spark something scary and dangerous, her stomach erupting into hundreds of thousands of insolent fluttery butterflies.
Not once since that day three weeks ago has he looked at her, never even in her general direction. Ginny preferred it that way, afraid that if they were to make eye contact again, Draco would somehow know. Know that the way the sun hits his golden blond hair causes Ginny's breath to stick in her throat. Know that behind those guarded eyes, Ginny sees a young man whose childhood was filled with neglect and need. Know that ever since that one day three weeks ago Draco's been revolving in Ginny's mind like a planet in orbit.

"Gin. Gin. Ginny!" Ginny's fantasy shook and frayed at the edges. She blinks and her eyes come into focus, lids wide and pupils dilated. Ron's face, mere inches from hers, is the first thing she sees. His hands grip her shoulders and he shakes her with so much force her head flings back and forth.
"What is it, Ron? Can't you see I'm busy?" Ginny all but growls, annoyed that her fantasy was interrupted. It was at the best part, of course, where Draco was about to confess his undying love for her and they would ride away together into the sunset on horseback.
"Ginny, you've been staring at the Slytherin table for the last ten minutes." Ron tries to follow the direction of Ginny's eyes, but it looks as though she was staring at Draco Malfoy. Which is absolutely absurd because Malfoy is a stupid, slimy git that better keep his dark magic hands away from his naive little sister.
"Don't be ridiculous, Ron. Everybody knows what foul creatures those Slytherins are." Ginny rolls her eyes in indifference but her shoulders slump slightly in defeat. As much as it pains Ginny to say it it's true. If the Slytherin reputation wasn't enough to drive you away, their personalities surely would. Not only are they a cruel, torturous lot but their company was also unpleasent and strained. Someone only associated with a Slytherin if they had a death wish. A slow, agonizing death wish that includes lots and lots of pain.
"Damn straight." Ron says around a mouthful of... well, Ginny wasn't exactly sure what the mixture of food inside Ron's mouth was, but it definitely wasn't appetizing.
Ginny shoves her full plate away from her in disgust, the sudden loss of hunger no surprise. People tend to have the same reaction when watching Ron cram food in his mouth.

Draco Malfoy's been watching the youngest installment of the Weasley clan for a bit now. It started off innocent enough. Back in Second Year when Ginny was an ignorant little First Year, Draco viewed her as just another pesky Weasley. He watched her with mild interest, taking entertainment from her weird behavior and idiotic mistakes.
As the years passed, Draco found himself becoming more intrigued. Ginny wasn't as Draco expected, nothing like her older brothers. She cared not for dragons like Charlie nor school like Percy. She had no interest in Quidditch like Ron or pranking like Fred and George. Ginny didn't seem to show personality, instead choosing to stay in the shadows of her older brothers.
Draco often found his eyes seeking out the young Gryffindor in a crowded room, moving on their own accord. It wasn't Draco's fault of course, his eyes just sort of gravitate without his consent. Once Draco realized just where he was looking, he quickly vanished any thoughts of the Weasley from his mind. If his friends were to catch on to his train of thought, he'd never live it down.
Sitting here in the Great Hall, Draco is yet again watching the Weasley, subconsciously storing away little tidbits of information. Like how Ginny flips her bright red hair over her right shoulder when she laughs, or that her smile seems to make other people smile despite how little she talks.
Looking up from her half full plate of chicken and peas, Ginny glances around the room, feeling as if someone is watching her. Draco hastily looks down at his own full bowl soup, narrowly evading making eye contact with Ginny. It's definitely in Draco's. Best interest to avoid Ginny Weasley at all costs.
All throughout lunch both Draco and Ginny resist the strange urge to look at one another, subliminally searching for the heated gaze of the other. They both regarded this temptation differently, Ginny with surprise, Draco with disdain and displeasure. Not only is Ginny a Gryffindor, but a Weasley at that. A Malfoy never associates with a Weasley, much less thinks about one as often as Draco does.
Still bitter from where his thoughts have turned to recently, Draco jolts from seat, robes billowing behind him. His appetite deludes him, so why much he subject himself to the torture that is Pansy's presence? And he says as much to Pansy, shaking off her vicelike grip.
Having escaped the tedious lunch as soon as possible, Draco exhales a sigh of relief when the Great Hall doors close behind him. Escaping Pansy's clutches has been getting continuously harder, as though she suspects his inner turmoil.
Ginny mirrors similar thoughts, though of Ron's grotesque eating habits rather than Pansy's obnoxious constant chatter. As she picks up her supplies for her afternoon classes and stands from her current seat, Ginny once again looks at the Slytherin table, finding herself unable to resist temptation. The space recently occupied by Draco Malfoy is now empty, leaving a very miffed-looking Pansy behind. No doubt because the only person who tolerates her incessant babbling has once again shot her down.
Ginny starts the trek to the tall wooden doors that lead out of the Great Hall, thoughts centered not on Draco but her upcoming Potions test. She's been studying like mad, she knows how Snape likes to crack down on slackers.
Exiting through the doors and roaming in the direction of the Dungeons, Ginny mentally runs through the list of ingredients for Shrinking Solution. Chopped daisy roots, skinned shrivelfig, sliced caterpillar, one rat spleen...argh! I can never remember that last ingredient , Ginny thinks as she belittles herself for her own stupidity. She supposes that with how much trouble she's been having concentrating due to how much a certain blonde Slytherin, she shouldn't be surprised that her memory escapes her.
Back in the Great Hall, Pansy's concern for Draco's sanity flares. He's been acting unlike himself these past few weeks, more snapish and acrid. Perhaps it's just bad news from home , Pansy reasons with herself, though she doesn't believe it for a second. Draco never lets his personal problems affect his actions, so why should now be any different?

Draco settles himself comfortably against the wall of the hallway to the Dungeons leaning on his upperback, right leg crossed with the left at the ankle and hands in pockets. He figured he was safe from crossing paths with anyone until lunch was let out and he could head to his next class.
Or so he thought.
Not even a couple minutes later, none other than Ginny Weasley herself appears at the end of the hall. Her head's bent and it looks ss though she's mumbling to herself. Draco watches as the youngest Weasley draws closer to where he stands, who not once looks up at where she's going.
It's with this excuse that Draco justifies his deliberate failure to move out of the way and simply let Ginny pass, none the wiser of Draco's presence.
"Watch where you're going, you---." Draco's insult dries up in his throat as Ginny looks up from ricocheting off of him. Startled from the impact, Ginny's gaze once again connects with Draco's. And once again Ginny's stomach erupts into those jittery butterflies again, her heart palpitating painfully and her throat clenching around any words she might have said.
For a few electricity-charged seconds, they just stare into each other's eyes. Draco's mouth goes dry and Ginny wipes her sweaty palms nervously on her robes. They both slightly sway towards each other, and Draco's tongue swipes out to anxiously wet his lips, and Ginny blushes lightly and tucks a few strands of hair behind her ear, and Draco seems to lean just a bit closer to Ginny, and Ginny could've sworn Draco was going to kiss her until---
"Draco, there you are! I've been looking everywhere for you and I do mean everywhere!" Pansy's voice echoes down the hall, and just as quick as the moment appeared it was broken.
Draco looks away from Ginny's penetrating gaze to the source of the nasally voice at the opening of the hall, while Ginny kneels down to recollect the books she dropped from her collision with Draco. Pansy's heels click against the cold stone floor as she walks forward where Ginny and Draco are. Draco makes no move to help Ginny, nor does he kick the strewn books as he would have were it someone else. Ginny restands with books in hand just as Pansy reaches the place where she and Draco stand.
"Drakey, why are you breathing the same air as this bloodtraitor?" Pansy drapes herself across Draco and lifts her nose at Ginny with superiority. A common reaction Slytherins have to Gryffindors, even moreso to Weasleys.
Draco shakes Pansy off but says nothing in reply to her words. Ginny's not about to take an insult lying down, though her comeback is said with such sugarcoating it could give a muggle dentist cavities.
"Always a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Pansy." Ginny's words ooze false kindness, and her stiff smile remains in place. Ginny's eyes shift over to Draco. "You too, Draco." Ginny adds with a nod in his direction, though this time her words are said with a sincerity that goes over Pansy's head. Her sincereness is not missed by Draco however.
"Come on, Draco. Let's not waste a second more in this bloodtraitor's company." Pansy snakes her arm around Draco's and all but drags him to their next class. Shaking her head, Ginny watches their departure before turning and walking in the opposite direction, towards the Dungeons and her next Potions class.
In her seat a few minutes later as Snape sets the very test she's been dreading on the desk in front of her, Ginny's mind goes blank. Staring blindly at the test, all the information she's been storing away in her brain the last five years deserts her. How can her brain be expected to function correctly when the infamous Draco Malfoy almost kissed her?! Or perhaps he hadn't been about to kiss her at all, instead about to push her or spit in her eye or something. It was thoughts like this that prevented Ginny from filling out the test, and by the end of class Ginny was still staring ag her completely empty exam papers, not having moved an inch.
"Hmmm." Professor Snape walks up from behind Ginny and peers over her shoulder. "Very elaborate and intelligent answers you have there, Ms. Weasley. Perhaps rearranging my potions later this evening will help jog your memory. Say, five o'clock?" Snape doesn't wait for Ginny to protest, instead moving ob to collect tests.
Ginny groans and slumps against the table in front of her. Draco Malfoy, you're ruining my life. , Ginny thinks as she lightly bangs her head against her desk.
In the next couple weeks or so, Ginny and Draco share more fired glances than they had in the past five years they've been going to Hogwarts together (Ginny only being a Fifth Year). Each time Ginny caught Draco staring, she would blush and hide her face behind her hair. Each time Draco caught Ginny staring, he would smirk, which resulted in Ginny blushing and hiding behind her hair. Either way Ginny ended up embarrassed, whereas Draco was left satisfied by her reaction.
This went on for a few weeks, Draco gradually stepping up his game. It inched from eye contact to their arms brushing whenever they passed in the hall to Draco purposely setting out to cross paths with Ginny, whether it be between classes or after meals. Draco knew not what these odd emothions he felt for Ginny were, nor did he care to elaborate on said emotions. After extensive thought and reasoning and yes, even denying the inevitable, Draco thought it best to just see where such feelings led to.

Many more weeks pass as the chilly, blizzardy weather of a typical England winter melts into a green, breezy spring. Draco kept up the small encounters with Ginny but never intensified these actions.
Draco's been debating with himself for some time now, jumping back and forth from one decision to another. One late March day Draco conclusively makes his final decision.
Proceeding outside to where Ginny sits by herself under the lone tree on the banks of the Black Lake, Draco pauses a couple yards away to reflect on what he's about to do. Will he regret this later? Probably. Is it worth the possible rejection? Only time will tell.
Taking one last deep breath for audacity, Draco closes the distance between him and Ginny and sits down next to her. Gingerly picking up a stray apple that had fallen off the tree, Draco searches across the vast lake for anything to distract him. While Draco tries to think of the best way to say what's been on his mind, Ginny looks at him in mild surprise. She's not all that shocked by his appearance, only that he's taken so long. She's patient, though, and doesn't push Draco into speaking.
"Ginny." Draco starts, only to doubt himself and think that perhaps he shouldn't have come. But one quick glance at Ginny's face and his resolve hardens. "Would you fancy going to Hogsmeade this weekend? With me, I mean."
Draco doesn't dare look at Ginny for fear of her reaction, so he's unprepared when Ginny flings her arms around him and kisses his cheek. "I thought you'd never ask."
And then, finally, they kiss.

Holy f---ing f---, this is long! :O Okay, so maybe this is more of a short story than a oneshot. -_- But thank you so much if you didn't immediately click back to your profile once you saw how long this was. (: I didn't get a chance to edit 'cause I'm going to a New Year's Eve party in... twenty minutes.


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