I do NOT support Gay/lesbians

Seriously guys, I don't... and if you don't wanna talk to me or be my friend because I'm being honest, then I'm OKAY with that. -_-

Chapter 1


Seriously guys. I really, and honestly DONT.

Thats one of the reasons GLEE bothers me so much.

It's fine if you guys are okay with it, I'm just saying I'm not.

I do not judge them or anything, I won't go shoving my damn beliefs down anyones throats, I won't even complain about how disgusting and gross it is.

I don't care if they are gay or Lesbian! I really don't care.

I personally think it is just wrong, but thats all.

If you guys seriously wanna unfriend me JUST because I'm not all up and tight with frickin 'Klaine' then go ahead.

I am a Christian.

With that being said I can honestly say that that has no impact on my desicions. Even if I was an athiest (thank god, I'm not) I would still not support them.

I understand why you guys do. Yes, they are all people. Yes, they have feelings and dreams like us.

Am I saying that they are any different? NO! I AM NOT SAYING THAT!

So why do you guys insist on hating on me for giving my honest opinion? I'm not making fun of ANYONE like that, but seriously? SERIOUSLY?

For all my friends that I talk to that support this stuff, fine support if you want. But I still find it gross and just... not right.

Not my fault.

If you can't get over the fact that I can't STAND when 'Klaine or Srittany' kisses, then BOO THE FVCK HOO!

If you can't get over this small fact about me, you were never a friend to begin with.

I'd appreciate it any of you guys dislike me or think of me differently just because I don't support gay/lesbians to just unfriend me now.

I don't even care If I loose everyone on my friends list for this.. (well, actually, to those I text and talk to everyday [you know who you are], I will care... but... for now, I'm just... yeah)

You guys seem to think just because I don't support the gays and lesbians (and Bi's) that I hate them! I don't! I never once said I did. Not once. You also seem to think that I am a bible loving freak!

Well guesS what, I AM!

I don't care! I am! I'm being honest! I love God, I love my religion!

I pray everyday. I pray before I eat and before I go to sleep. I watch the christian channels on the TV on those days I can't make it to church.

WHO CARES? I'm still a person TOO! And I would appreciate it if you guys would start treating me like one! Just because I don't support them like the rest of you doesn't mean I don't have a heart!

Excuse me while I watch Criminal Minds while continuing this damn rant in my head for hours to come!

Okay. BYE.


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