Uncommon (Severus Snape love story)

Uncommon (Severus Snape love story)

This is a love story i wote and it took me a long time just to get the first few chapters so be paciant for updates and don't hound me for spelling errors. the songs don't relate to the time era but if your that bugged by it just leave. other than that enjoy. when this is done keep an eye out for a sequal ;)

Chapter 1

The Beginning

A young boy of about fifteen or sixteen years with charcoal eyes and ebony hair could be found could be found walking through Kings Cross Station on August 1st, 1975, pushing a trolley laden with a large trunk before him. He was dressed quite unusually, especially when compared to the common-folk filling a majority of of the walkways. He wore black slacks that were a few inches too short, a large shirt that appeared to be woman's blouse, perhaps his mother's, and a green and silver tie. But these these were slight oddities when compared to the black cloak billowing out behind him as he scurried towards platforms nine and ten. had he been still, it would have been obvious to all that the cloak was too large and fairly patched.
Unbeknownst to him, he was being followed by what appeared to be a free-moving shadow at first glance, although few got move than that; she was moving far to quickly as she chased her speeding quarry. Those who had the chance to get a better look would've realized she was more than a shadow, although not much more; she was a little scrap of a girl, with a small waist and a head that reached a few inches above five foot. She had dark brown hair that looked as if it severely needed to be brushed that was draped down her shoulders with bangs covering her right eye, her left one being a golden brown. Although dressed in muggle clothes she was regarded as rather odd. She wore a black jacket with a black tank top underneath. The sleeves extended past her wrists and were met with black fingerless gloves. Although she was not very pale skinned her face stood out in stark contrast to her dark background, like a eerie ghost looking out of a dark night.
As she bumped into a man as she tried to follow the Hogwarts student, he recognized her. He took train often and remembered seeing her quite frequently, he just couldn't remember what she was doing. He shrugged and continued on his way; he was late.
The black haired boy ran at the brick wall separating platforms nine and ten, his follower thinking he was crazy. She was severely surprised, understandably, when he when went strait through the wall. She looked up the wall and noticed the signs daubing the platforms on either side. she recalled the script on her ticket. Logically, platform nine and three quarters would be between platforms nine and ten. Minus the fact she had to go through a wall, that wasn't logical.
She walked forward and placed a hand on the wall, not entirely expecting anything to happen. She laughed as her hand went through the gray bricks: she was in two places at once!
Suddenly she felt someone grab her hand and pull her through. She felt a moment of breathlessness as she was in the wall. when she came through she came face to face with someone's chest. She looked up and gave a sheepish smile.

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