The Three Pranksters (George Weasley love story)

The Three Pranksters (George Weasley love story)

This is about Lupin's daughter, Audrey. Audrey started school with best friends since birth, Fred and George. The story starts Audrey in her third year. But will also follow the whole Harry Potter story up to Dealthy Hallows. Plz comment and rate

Harry Potter universe belongs to JK Rowling while Audrey belongs to me

Chapter 1

Hogwarts Express

"Meow" " Shut up Equinox!" I shouted from underneath my covers. 'I've been up since 4 because of you." "Meow" "How did I know you were going to say that." I slowly got out of bed." Audery hurry up your going to be late for the train!" Lupin yelled. "Oh crap!" I ran all over my room getting my things ready for my return to Hogwarts. Can't believe it, its been forever since I saw Fred and George. Especially George, I thought. I always had liked George since we were 8 years old,when he helped me heal my arm when I broke it from playing Quidditch with the twins. "Hurry up Audery!" Lupin yelled again. "Coming Dad!" I threw on and carried my trunk and Equinox downstairs.
At 9 and 3 quaters
" Love you Dad." I sayed. " Love you keep safe will you ?" "Of course dad." I sayed laughing. Finally aboard the Hogwart Express I found a compartment. I turned on my casstte player and started to listen to Arctic Monkeys ( my favorite English band by the way) "Well well isn't it Audery Lupin." Fred sayed. 'Well well isn't it Fred weasley" I sayed back. "Good to see you again Auddi." George sayed. Thats my nickname George made for me. "You to you guys" I sayed hugging them. 'So now that we sayed hello whos going to be are first victim of the year." I sayed. " How about our little brother Ron." George sayed with a smirk. God I missed his smirk over the summer."I got this you guys, been working on a new product." As I walked in the halls searching for Ron someone ran into me. " Watch where your going !" a little nasy blonde boy probably first year shouted. " I wouldn't be talking ferret." "Whatever get out my way" "With pleasure." Later I found Ron with a boy with jet black hair and a girl with massive bushy hair.'Hey there Ronny." I sayed in a motherly voice. " Hey Audery!" he sayed with a smile hugging me."This is Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, guys this is Audery Lupin." "Pleasure to meet you." while walking to Harry. "So your the legendary Harry Potter." I sayed."Thats me."he sayed while lifting his hair showing the scar from You Know Who." Well its quite the honor, please let me welcome you to the Wizard World,gum?" I sayed while pulling out my trick gum. "Sure.' he sayed while pulling out a piece. " Good luck Harry see you around. I sayed while walking out." Bye Audery." Harry sayed while Ron turned around from talking to Hermione. "Please don't tell me you just ate something from Audery." Ron said worried."Yeah why?" "Because Audery has been best friends with my brothers Fred and George since birth.They're known has the master pranksters of Hogwarts,and your probably chewing on a prank right now."Ron explained. "Well nothing has happened yet has it." Harry asked."Nothing I can see." Hermione sayed. "Blow a bubble." Ron said from past experience from Auderys pranks. Suddenly the tiny comparment exploded with fireworks of every kind."This is amazing,I don't know what your talking about Ron!"Harry screamed over the fireworks."You got lucky Harry!"

I came back to see Lee Jorden, Angelina Johnson, and Katie Bell sitting in my comparment. "Audery!!" Angelina and Katie both screamed." Angelina, Katie!"I screamed back."Hey Lee" while I hugged him. "So did you welcome Ron to Hogwarts?" George asked."Actually no, turns out Ron befriended Harry Potter." "Thee Harry Potter?" Lee asked."The one and only,so I greeted him with my new product,Firegum."I sayed. "Please don't tell me you set his mouth on fire?" Katie laughed. " I just made sure their comparment turns out like a Chinese New Year firework display."I said. Everyone was laughing till we heard my prank go underway. You could hear them scream from the surprise and the fireworks going off.We were all dying on the floor laughing.
Soon we got off the train. I saw Hagrid outside leading the first year to the boats.Then I saw Ron,Harry,and Hermione walking towards there. I deciding to scare Harry."HEY HARRY!" I screamed jumping on his back." AH come on Audery!" he said laughing."Did you like the gum Harry?" I said laughing. "Love it." "Well good luck you guys." I said while walking to the carriages. I saw George there waiting. "Hey wheres everyone else?" I asked. " Took off I decided to wait for you." "Thanks " I said blusing. We jumped in and headed toward Hogwarts. " Well this year is going to be interesting." said George still laughing about my prank earlier."Haha very much can't wait to make Harry and Ron's year even more interesting then ours." we both started to crack up."It's good to see you again Audery." George sayed looking deep into my eyes."You to George"I sayed blusing like crazy. This is going to fun.

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