Winners of my PICTURE story contest! :D

Chapter 1


I’m sorry that this took me so long to finally post! I just got busy with a few things and it kept on slipping my mind. But the moment has finally come! Again, I’m really sorry for the wait.

In first place: My Wonderland by MortRainey! The reason I chose her as first is because from the second I started the story, I was pulled in right away! She blew me away with what she was able to come up with just by looking at this picture: I am so proud to give her first prize because out of all the stories I read she surprised me the most and really brought out her creative side.

In Second place: This person made a really interesting, well-written story. For a little while I couldn’t decide whether to give her first or second place. As you can see though, I gave her second and this girl is….IceCreamAndSprinkles who wrote a shattered glass, a shattered friendship. She took this story to the next level! I was expecting a simple fight or incident but she really gave the characters in the story a reason to break off their friendship. Here’s the link to her picture:

In third place: This girl worked hard on this story, trying her best to meet my deadline. Which she did! I really enjoyed reading her story and I felt like she was trying to make it unpredictable. I could compare her story to the real world and think about how possible the future in her story can compare to the real future. She is a lovely writer and I would like to present ravenclaw4ever with third place. The story written is called A letter never sent.

For everyone that left their story unfinished or did not write one at all…It is okay I understand. But just know that you could have been one of those winners up there if you completed a story. I know people that joined this contest that can really write if they put their mind to it so I was a little disappointed when I had to put you under this category.
Thank you to every one for reading this and for those of you who participated in my contest. I hope to do another one day. Until then, thank you for your patients and effort in this contest.



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