The Opportune Moment ~~A Jonas Brother Story~~

Okay so this a new Jonas Brother Story Written by LunaLovegood97 and Me!
The characters are:

Jo-Ann Lee Sparrow - Me.


Luna Love Sparrow - LunaLovegood97

Now, Nick is 15, the same age as Jo-Ann and Joe is 18, the same age as Luna. Will it be romance? Or will it be pure friendship?

Read on and find out!
Oh, one more thing, two actually:
1. Comments are greatly appreciated.
and 2. As per usual, Keep on Rockin!

Enjoy and read on my friends!
~~ Blue ~~

Chapter 1

One Song Is All It Takes! Jo-Ann's POV

Oh at the top of my chapters I shall write quotes, hopefully they will relate to the chapter some how. Okay here's the first: Dreams are just reality waiting to happen Read on, and please remember to comment :D

"Luna! Move your a-"
"Jo-Ann! I will not have you speak that way to your sister!" My mother said sternly, interrupting me. I frowned slightly before continuing to yell up the stairs at my older sister.

I was impatient to be off. Tonight we were going to the Jonas Brothers' concert and had VIP backstage passes. It was our early Christmas Present. Well early by about two weeks.

Hi, I'm Jo-Ann Sparrow. Singer/ songwriter, self taught guitarist, pianist and my secret talent is the drums. My most prized possession is my acoustic guitar, Nicholas Casper. Better known as Casper. I have stormy blue-grey eyes, light brown straight hair with a slight, but noticable red tinge. I am average height but you'll find that most people are taller then me. Oh and I'm a tomboy. You won't find me doing anything girly. I don't bother with make up and am probably the only fifteen year old girl that doesn't. Nor do I wear dresses, skirts, high heels or sandles etc.
Tonight I was wearing a deep blue t-shirt, which had Music is Might printed on it in white, black jeans and green converse. Oh how I love my converse! They are the only shoes I wear. Oh and my black jacket complete with INSIDE POCKETS! And lets not forget my dogtag, blue-green nose stud, my silver purity ring which I added to by wrapping left over bits of guitar strings around it, and sea-blue studs.

Finally Luna appeared at the top of the stairs. Took her long enough.
She was nothing like me. I was like Dad, she was like Mom. I was Daddy's girl, brought up to play soccer and be sporty. She was Mommy's girl, brought up to wear dresses and do girly things.
Luna was tall with long, tangled blonde hair; she had a nice tan too and had crystal, ice blue eyes that sparkled. You would think I would be jealous of them, but I wasn't. I loved my eyes, they changed between blue and grey according to my emotions, the weather and what I was wearing. If it were a sunny day my eyes were bright blue, if it were overcast and rainy the would turn grey. According to my emotions the bluer they were the happier I was, the greyer they were the sadder I was. Blue-grey meant that I was at ease and in a calm content mood.
Luna was wearing black denim shorts, bright yellow converse, a Jonas Brothers t-shirt, gold hoop earrings, a gold cross necklace and as always her ever-present, gold ring and set into that was her birthstone.

"Took your time." I muttered.
She laughed jovially, "Of course I did! I have to look my best! I am meeting Joe Jonas! My future husband..." She trailed off dreamily. I rolled my eyes and cuffed her over the back of her head.
"Oi!" She exclaimed and rubbed the back of her head. I just shrugged and walked away.

"Come on girls! Lets go!" Mom called.
"Have a good time." Dad said and kissed us as we walked out the door to the car.

The concert was phenominal... actually that was an understatement. Luna and I were at the front of the screaming crowd and were singing out loud with the Jonas Brothers. I couldn't wait to see the guys and began to shake slightly as I got closer. Luna was gulping down air and I knew she was giong to scream as soon as she saw them. I calmed myself and stopped the shaking of my hands. We rounded the corner and Luna screamed. She ran towards the three guys standing five metres in front of us. I followed casually and I just reached them as Luna screamed again.

"Hi. I'm Nick Jonas." Nick said extending his hand.
"Sorry I can't hear you, my ears are full of melted brain." I joked and rubbed my ear, causing him to laugh.
I shook his hand, "I'm Jo-Ann Sparrow. Nice to meet you." I said introducing myself.
He nodded, "You too." He realised he was still holding my hand and released it.
We immediately got into a conversation about music.

"So how old are you Jo?" Nick asked me.
"Eighteen. Honestly Nick." Joe called to his brother.
"Yeah Nick and I'm twenty. Remember?" Kevin joked.
"I was talking to Jo-Ann." Nick said exasperatedly.
"Just turned fifteen." I said.
"Same. When's your birthday?" He asked.
"When's yours?"
"Sixteenth of September."
"Ha! That makes me two days older then you!" I cried triumphantly.
"I'm taller then you."
"I'm shorter then you." I replied cooly, to which he had no answer.

I looked around and let out a bark of laughter, Luna had flung her arms around Joe's neck.
"Hey.. er guys... lil help?" Joe called.
Nick smiled, "I'll be right back." he said and walked over to Joe.

I began humming Hollywood, but humming wasn't enough and soon I began to sing. Letting the music take hold.
"Hey... What? Jo-Jo! You can sing!" Nick cried as he approached me, having successfully prised my embarrassing sister off Joe.
I flushed, "I'm not the only one." I mumbled, looking at my feet and gestured to Luna.
"Come on give us a demo." Kevin urged.

After we performed they began to surround us and began speaking at once.
"Wait. Wait. What?" I asked.
"Well do you want to sign a contract to come with us on tour for two weeks?" Kevin asked.
Luna screamed and began to babble on to Joe.
I blinked, "Did.. did you just say, what... what I think you did?" I stuttered.
Nick nodded kindly and Kevin said something, but I wasn't listening. Joe on the other hand was being hugged to death by Luna... again.
I slid down the wall as I tried to take in the enormity of their offer.
I slowly stood and gave Nick a cautious hug, not wanting to be overwelming like Luna.
"Thank you." I whispered and let go of him.
He smiled and shrugged, "It's okay. You guys are just what we need and this'll be good for you. Oh can you imagine all the fun we'd have!"
I nodded, "One problem, convincing my parents."

"Please Mom!" I begged, Luna had tried and now it was my turn, "This is the exact moment we have waited for, this is the opportune moment. When will we ever get this chance again... Dad! Please!" I turned to him now, "You know how much we want this. Oh please." I begged.
"We'll see. Exactly when are you leaving?" Mom asked.
"Two weeks time. And the tour is going to be two weeks."
"So you'll be here for Christmas. Good." Dad said.
"We'll have to think about it Poppet." Mom added and Luna and I walked upstairs.

I decided to text Nick, seeing as we swapped numbers.
Me: Hey. We haven't got an answer yet. They're a bit iffy but I think I can sway them. Night.

Veep Veep Veep my phone vibrated, signalling I had a text. Nick.
Nick: Okay. I hope you can! :) Keep me updated. Night Night.

I fell asleep hoping that the future would be as I hoped...

Well that's the first chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment and remember to Keep on Rockin!

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