What Makes You Beautiful~ A Harry Styles Love Story

What Makes You Beautiful~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Hey! I love One Direction. Especially Harry! He's mine so LAY OFF. I hope you enjoy this story. Please comment and let me know what you think!

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
Name: Mia Reece Tomlinson
Hair: Long chocolate brown
Eyes: Very dark brown
Skin: Slightly pale
Height: 5' 5"
Age: 16
Personality: Funny, charming, free, two sides, vengful
Friends: Liam, Niall, Zayne, Harry
Brother: Louis Tomlinson (Very close)

"I don't want to be here." I muttered.
We drove into central London.
"Sweeheart, it's for the best. And for your brother." Mum said.
I shot Louis a menacing glare. It was his fault we were moving to a place where there was rarely any sun. I watched out the widnow as rain began to fall. I wound down the window and stuck my hand out. The rain began to fall heavier and make it's way into the car.
"Mia! Put the window up." Mum said.
I regretfully wound it up and sat there staring out the window.
"Damn!" Louis exclaimed. "My phone's dead!"
"Sucked in!" I teased.
He had been texting ever since we got off the plane. He laughed.
"It's okay, now they'll just text you."
As fast as I could I whipped out my phone and switched it off.
"Now they'll have a hard time texting anyone." I grinned.
"Oh, it's a shame. I was texting Harry!" He said dramatically.
He knew I had a crush on Harry so whenever there was a chance to tease me he would take it. I resisted the urge to turn my phone back on and continued to stare out the window. We soon pulled up at a small Bali-like beach cottage. It was two levels though only one room would fit in the top. It had a wrap around porch with all sorts of ornaments lining the bright garden. It was really lovely.
"Mia, you get the loft." Mum said.
I squeeled with excitment and ran inside. We had a huge kitchen and massive living room with a plasma and adjustable sofas. I ran up the stairs and came to a one meter ladder.
"Ah, mum. The only thing here is the attic." I called down.
"No, no. That's the loft." She called back.
Awesome! I had a ladder to my room. I climbed the ladder and opened the hatch in the roof. I stepped into the room and gasped. I had a high queen bed and colourful fluffy rugs. I had a small plasma and large squashy chair. The walls were medium wood and the roof stanted to the right. Dream catchers and feathers hung from hooks and my wardrobe was huge. I had y own computer and many egg chairs covering the floor. In the corner I had a blue net hamock and soft, colourful curtains blowing from the slighth breeze from the open balcony. I gasped and whirled around in my room. It was amazing. It was only missing one thing. I stuck up hundreds of posters around my bed, on the roof and smaller ones on my mirror. Yes, my own makeup dresser. I looked out on the balcony and breathed in the muggy air. Louis came in.
"Wow! That's so unfair!" He exclaimed, staring around my room.
"You're the reason we're here, so I get the best room." I grinned.
He laughed.
"That wasn't really funny." I said.
"No, I'm laughing at this."
He pinted to the many pictured around my room. It seemed that most of them had a farmilair curly haired boy in them.
"You have more of Harry than your own brother!" He laughed.
"Shut up!"
I ran back onto the balcony.
"Look! Look! The band is here!" I jumped up and down.
He laughed at me and ran back out. I stayed though. I stared down at the boys and spotted Harry. The only time I could day dream about him was when he couldn't see me. He did. He looked up and grinned at me. That amazing smile. I ran out of my room and down to them. Louis was already catching up. I hugged Zayne, Liam, Niall and came to Harry. It was very awkward but intense. The boys stared at Harry in envy. I laughed.
"Great to see you again!" I grinned.
They laughed.
"Totally! Now let's see the rooms!" Zayne said.
We led them inside and showed them around. After seeing the music room we stayed in there for a bit. Laughing and talking. Then Liam turned to me.
"We haven't seen your room Mia." He said.
I blushed.
"You don't need to. It's really small and you can only go up by a stupid ladder." I muttered.
Louis, being an idiot, scoffed.
"Your room is huge and amazing! Best room in the house!" He exclaimed.
I scowled at him. Before I could deny they were pushing me out of the room. I pinched Louis hard in the sides.
"I hate you." I hissed.
He grinned in satisfaction. We went up the stairs and one by one into my room. One by one they froze and stared at the poster covered walls.
"Woh..." They said in unsion.
I grinned sheepishly. I could see Louis just twitching to add a snide comment but he resisted.
"Biggest fan!" Liam laughed.
I breathed a sigh of releif. I don't think any of them have the guts to point out Harry popped up the most. We spent the rest of the day either in my roo or the music room. They were trying out new material.

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