50 Reasons why I Love Taylor Swift

Happy 22nd birthday Taylor Swift!!! I hope you have a wonderful one and have a long, great future ahead of you!! In honor of an amazing woman's birthday, I'm am listing reasons of why I love her! Haters, don't comment. Or dont even bother to have anything to do with her! Because us Swift fans can beat you ANY day!!

Chapter 1

Why we LOVE you Taylor!

1. She has written/co-written ALL of her songs.
2. She's so pretty!
3. Her concerts are AMAZING!! She puts on quite a show!
4. She doesn't lip-synch at her concerts
5. She has pure talent
6. People thinks she sings all about boys. She really sings about her mistakes, so we don't have to go through them
7. She LOVES her fans
8. All her songs have a meaning
9. She can play many instruments
10. She didn't badmouth Kanye after what he did.
11. She forgave Kanye
12. She is very loving
13. She can actually sing!
14. She has natural beauty.
15. She's brave
16. She can laugh things off easily
17. She appreciates the little things in life
18. She is ORIGINAL.
19. She influences so many lives.
20. Everyone can relate to atleast 1 of her songs.
21. She is good role model (doesn't drink/smoke/cuss/dress inappropriately)
22. She is very thankful
23. She isn't afraid to be herself
24. She can control herself even when she's incredibly hurt or angry.
26. She's very down to earth.
27. Incredible actress! (Look up her csi performance!)
28. The way she flips her hair.
29. She Is as cute as a button!
30. I know she has an extremely long career ahead of her
31. She tells stories in her songs.
32. She is unique
33. She has an amazing style
34. Her music videos are entertaining
35. She inspires us incredibly
36. She let's us know to never, EVER, EVER give up hope
37. She is FEARLESS
38. She's mature
39. She has a pretty smile
40. She is appreciative of everything
41. She believes anything is possible
42. She's teaches us it's okay to be different
43. How she always gets so excited :)
44. How she loves to bake
45. She can even RAP!! (thug story)
46. She would play guitar until her fingers bled.
47. Her adorable sparkly dresses
48. How she is so easily likable and sweet
49. She gives names in her songs
50. How she isn't afraid to get personal in her songs.
We love you Taylor. Happy 22nd birthday. Love, all your fans worldwide and especially all the diehard Swifties like me.
Story created on quibblo December 13th, 2011


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