Running Up That Hill (A Sasuke Story)

Running Up That Hill (A Sasuke Story)

Alexis, 12

quiet calm smart

tijutsu, ninjutsu

parents were murdered by Orochimaru late one night when everyone was asleep. Alexis ran into the room to see her parents mangled bloody bodies covered in snake bites. Orochimaru then grabed her hand and bit it, where a curse mark appeared. Kabuto & him then slip out of the window. It never did anything, it's just a mark to show Orochimaru did this, but it never healed properly. No family. Lives alone in a small apartment.

Chapter 1

Head above water by theory of a deadman

by: ExShinobi

One question b4 we get started... DID YOU READ THE INTRO?!?!?

“Did you ever picture life like this. No shooting star to grant your wish. Are you everything you hoped you be, or caught somewhere in between?” I sing as I put my hair into a ponytail. Curly loose strands hang against my neck and over my shoulder.
I put my hands down and admire my handy work in the mirror. I’ve always loved my hair. It’s dark chocolate brown matches my dark chocolate eyes, and enhances my not pale, but not tan skin. My full pink lips, are forever shaped into a pout. I’ve never liked how my eyes make me look like I’ve gone through so much. I sigh at my reflection, and walk out of the bathroom. I dress into my clothes for school. A black tank top, dark blue jeans with rips in the knees, combat boots, and gloves with the fingers missing to hide my scar. I strap on my weapon holster, and head for the door.


I locate Naruto, and he waves wildly at me. I grin and run up the stairs of desks till I get to him.

“What’s up Naruto?!” I ask. I hold up my hand and we high five.
“Watch and learn.” He laughs and looks away.
I follow his stair and see Kiba walk in. He climbs up to his usual seat and sits down. As his butt hits the chair a loud fart noise erupts. Kiba launches up, and turns bright red. Everyone starts to laugh as he tries to deny farting.
“Whoopi cushion?” I ask. Naruto nods, still laughing. I turn my gaze from poor Kiba and look at Sakura and Sasuke. Sakura, of course, looks like Kiba just sprouted two heads, and Sasuke, as usual, looks like he’s about to die of boredom.
“Hi Sakura.” I say. Sakura looks at me and grins.
“Hi Alexis!” She squeals and hugs me. I laugh uneasily and hug her back. I see Sasuke looking at me and nod. He nods back, and looks away.

I’m a member of team 7. My teammates are Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha.

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