I'm In Love With Him (A Best Friend's Brother Story)

This is a story about a girl who falls in love wither her best friends older brother...
FICTIONAL!!! If I know you DO NOT guess characters.. Lol. IMPORTANT READ:
Oh chapter 9 is not the end!!! It will continue through summer and beyond theres lots in store :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The day I met him I knew I liked him.. It was inveitable. I never new it would turn out like this though...

"Alley c'mon!!" My best friend Jessica yelled from outside. We were going camping with her family and I was just grabbing my last bag from inside.
"Hold your horses!" I called back. I dragged my 50 pound bag to the door to find her standing with her hand on her hip. She was wearing white short shorts pink flip flops, a pink tank top, and white sunglasses I had given her for her birthday. Her blonde hair fell over her right eye giving her a serious look.
"If we don't leave like, now, we won't have time to go tubing when we get there. I rolled my eyes.
"We'll have two more days Jess, calm down." Her older brother Joey ran out after me, grabbing my bag.
"C'mon lets go!" He said playfully. I rolled my eyes and laughed. He was taller than me and tan with brown hair and light brown eyes.. He was wearing brown baggy shorts, brown flip flops, and a band t-shirt.. He always looked fabulous. Whether I chose to admit it or not. He was in 11th grade and me and Jess were going into 9th grade in the fall.
He jumped in the van and me and Jessica gollowed. Joey sat on the far side by the window in the back and their other to brothers sat in the front row of seats. I sighed and smooshed next to Joe. Jess got in after me.
"Ready to go?" Her dad asked.
"Yup!" Jessica yelled. Me and Joey laughed and we began our journey.

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