I am trapped. No way out. If im not good enough im dead and so is my family. (ENJOY! :D)

Chapter 1

Where it all begins

by: Jeanette
http://www.polyvore.com/taken/set?id=38575343 I looked at myself in the mirror. "Disgusting" i thought. "ARE YOU READY!" "he" yelled from behind the door.
"y-y-yeah" i managed to say. He opened the door and licked his lips. His eyes glued to my chest area.i bit my lip uncomfortably and looked at my toes. "did you shave like i told you?" he said pointing to my "area. i nodded slowly and looked up to meet his evil stare. i quickly looked away. "just to make sure" he stuffed his hand in my skirt and felt around. "good" he said pulling out his hand."come here!" he said in a stern voice.i nodded and followed him. he came to a halt and opened the door in front of him revealing a half naked man smirking at me. He grabbed my arm and jerked me into the room pushing me onto the bed.I let out a soft whimper and the man chuckled. "You were totally worth the money" He said rubbing my boobs.I gulped but stayed quiet. "Not much of a talker, huh?" he said in a mocking voice."please don't do this" i whispered.But he stayed quiet."My name is rick. You better moun my name you worthless hoe!" I nodded frantically.He let out a quick chuckle before having his way with me.


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