Love?~ A Teddy and Victoire Love Story

Love?~ A Teddy and Victoire Love Story

Hey! I love writing random crap! Hope you like it! :))

Chapter 1


by: Stylinson
The wind swept my hair across my pillow and my shoulder shuddered with the freezing air. I heard rummbling down stairs but didn't bother to awake. I could tell Dominique and Louis were awake. Eventually I pulled on my gown and went down stairs. Dominque and Louis were pumped, seeing Dom was going back to her second year and Louis was going to his first.
"Morning mummy." I said.
"Morning zweetheart!"
Her english still wasn't the best.
"Hello daddy!" I said, jumping into his arms.
"Hey sweetie!"
After a lengthy breakfast we set off for the train station. We met James, Albus, Lily, Teddy, Rose and Hugo there. We bid our parents goodbye and climbed aboard. Going into third year wasn't as exciting as first or second year, but should be interesting. I sat with my usual friends, Rose, Albus and James. The younger ones- Lily, Dominique and Louis- went on their own. For the first time Teddy came and sat with us. I don't really talk to him.
"So Vic, how were the holidays?" Rose asked eagerly.
"Great! We went to Romania to visit uncle Charlie and we got to see the dragons! You?" I said.
"Awesome! We went to the snow! What about you Albus?" She asked.
"Alright, we stayed home but made our own fun." He said.
There was a quiet moment.
"How were your holidays Teddy?" I asked.
I never really notice but he was very attractive. His blue hair was uniquly cute.
"It was fine, as Albus said we didn't really do much bt I kinda taught myself to fly." He muttered.
I smiled.
"When?" Albus quizzed.
"On what?" James asked.
"In the afternoons, on your dad's old broom." He said.
The rest of the trip was rather quiet. Even a bit awkward. When we finally arrived at the carrages we piled in and sat, once again, in awkward silence. I looked over a Teddy and smiled. He grinned back and his hair turned a slightly paler blue. The carrage stopped at ther doors of the castle and we ran in out of the rain. I sadly said goodbye to the others and made my way to Ravenclaw table. Thankfully the speech was short and we ate straight away. I finished early. My best friend Lexie was stuffing her face across from me.
"Lex, you really need to slow down." I laughed.
Her mouth was too full to speak or smile.
"I'm going for a walk." I said.
She nodded and I moved swiftly from the table.
~~Teddy's P.O.V~~
I sat at the large red and gold table with James and Albus. Rose went to sit with her friends and I saw Lily and Hugo together while Dominique sat at Hufflepuff table. As I scanned the Hall my eyes rested on Victoire. She was beautiful. She had ocean blue eyes like her father and long silver-blonde hair tied in a high ponytail. I had never really noticed her before. We never usually talked. She was the ost beautiful girl ever.
"Ted! Teddy!" James and Albus were waving their hands infront of me face.
"Hm. What?" I asked.
"Who are you staring at?" James quizzed.
"No one." I answered quickly.
"We don't beleive you." Albus said.
"Why?" I complained.
They pointed to my hair. I grabbed a strand from the front and pulled it into eye veiw. Purple, lying.
"Ugh!" I groaned.
"Who?" They pressed.
I looked down at the table and heard Rose come and sit with us.
"Ooh! Who? What?" She asked.
"Teddy was staring, at a girl no less, but we don't know which one!" Jaes explained.
"Who? Who?" She asked, bounding next to me.
"Does it matter!?" I quizzed.
"Yes! Who!?" Rose repeated.
"Victoire." I muttered.
They didnt hear me.
"Speak up!"
"VICTOIRE!" I shouted.
The look on their face was first shock, then smug.
"Tnaww! Teddy likes Vic!" Rose teased.
"Oh shut up." I muttered, and left the table.

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