A Mindless Moment (Princeton Version)

(This is a mindless moment ahead of time, 5 years later, so you're 19)
You're Boyfriend:I TOLD YOU TO GET THE DAMN KEYS[Your Name]!
You: Sorry,sorry! Here.
(He grabs the keys from you and leaves)
You: [thinking to yourself] Man, I'm bored. I'm gonna go to the carnival downtown.
(When you get there you see Princeton)
You: [Walk over to him] Oh, hey Princeton!
Princeton:Hey beautiful. ;-)
You: Hehe, how you been?
Princeton: Actually,I'm great.Me & the boys going on tour in2months...

Chapter 1

Princeton's Mindless Moment

by: tifftff5
You: Oh really? That's great!
(You see your boyfriend coming over to you from the corner of your eye)
Your Boyfriend:(Interrupts you & Princeton) [Your Name], What the #%$^ are you doing here?!
You: Oh, hey babe. I'm just talking with Prince.
Princeton:Uh...should I go?
You: No no no.
Your Boyfriend: Yeah, you know what? Prince, you could stay, But you comin with me.
(He drags you away by your arm, as Prince is watching in shock)
You: Let go of me!
Your Boyfriend: No! I said you comin with me!
You: Stop! You're making a scene! What's wrong with you?!
Your Boyfriend: Fine, you want me to let go? (He lets go of you and you fall back onto the ground and you cut your lip. There's also a bruise on your arm from how hard he grabbed you arm and dragged you)
You: * Crying, and run behind a stand at the carnival *
(Princeton runs after you)
Princeton: Hey, umm.. [Your Name] You okay?
You: No, I'm not okay :'(
Princeton: I'm sorry about that. I didn't know he abused you and stuff.
You: It's alright. Look, you don't have to stay with me. I'll be fine.
Princeton: No, I'm gonna stay. But hold on. (He goes to the bathroom and get paper towel and puts it on your lip where it was bleeding)
You: Ouch, it kinda stings.
Princeton: Yeah, I know, it'll get better.
You: Thanks Prince, you really know how to treat someone good.
Princeton: That's cause I'm a real man, unlike your boyfriend.
Princeton: You're beautiful, you shouldn't be treated like that you know?
You: I don't feel beautiful.
Princeton: Well you are. Believe me.
You: Aw, thanks.
Princeton: I don't mean to get all up in you business...but why do you let him do that to you?
You: I don't know, I feel like every time I try to do something right, but I keep messing up and I do something wrong and he would hit me or something.
Princeton: Trust me, you're doing everything right. He's just unappreciative.
You: I don't know what to do anymore :(
Princeton: Maybe you should be with someone else....
You: But, I need him. I still love him.
Princeton: No you don't.
You: I....I...I don't know.
Princeton: It's okay. (He takes the wet paper towel off you lip and kisses you)
You: Oh my gosh, I can't do this. I should go. Sorry Prince bye.
Princeton: Hey, hey [Your Name] Wait.
You: Yeah?
Princeton: Here's my number. * He gives you his number * Call me sometime.
You: I will.
(You decide to call him)
{Phone Conversation}
You: Hello?
Princeton: Oh, hey [Your Name]
You: What's up?
Princeton: Heh, I'm just walking around town, why? What you up to?
You: Nothing, just bored at home.
Princeton: You wanna come out with me?
You: Yeah, sure:)
Princeton: Alright, Whats your address, I'll come get you.
(You tell him the address)
Princeton: Alright, I'll be there.
You: Okay, thanks. Bye.
Princeton: Bye.
{Phone convo over}
(He comes by to pick you up)
You: Hi:)
Princeton: Hey, so you ready?
You: Mhm.
Princeton: Okay, let's go.
(You guys walk around town, go shopping and go to the ice-cream place, then he walks you back home.)
You: I really had fun tonight Prince, heh.
Princeton: Yeah, me too.
You: Okay, well, see you around I guess.
Princeton: Goodnight gorgeous.
(You smile and walk inside)
Your Boyfriend: Where you been?
You: What do you mean where have I been? I dont have a curfiew?
Your Boyfriend: Well we in my house right?
You: Yeah.
Your Boyfriend: Oh, so then you do have a curfiew.
You: Whatever, I'm not dealing with this right now.
Your Boyfriend: Hold on, what was that?
You: You heard me.
(He walks up to you and pushed you into the wall)
You: I was out with Princeton Okay!?
Your Boyfriend: That's it. Come on.
You: Where the hell are you taking me you psycho!?
(Your Boyfriend Brings you to his room and ties your mouth with tape.)
(You start to cry)
Your Boyfriend: Now you wanna cry.
(He ties you to the chair and locks the door from the outside and leaves you stuck in the room....5 minutes later you hear his car drive off)
You: [Thinking to yourself] Damn how the hell do I get outta here?
(In 30 minutes you cut through the tape around your mouth with your teeth and start to breathe heavily.)
(You get your right arm loose from the tape and untie your left arm as you hear your boyfriend's car pull up.)
You: * Cying * God, I know I've done wrong, I hope it's not my time. Please, let me live. (You pack up all your clothes and just as you're about to leave you look outside the window.)
You: I am NOT! About to jump from all the way up here.
(Your Boyfriend comes in and unlocks the door)
You: * Speechless *
Your Boyfriend: Ohh, you wanna go?
You: No, I was just...
Your Boyfriend: THATS THE ONLY WAY YOU GONNA GO!(he points to the window, and you start to scream)
You: No!!! Dont do this!
(He drags you over)
Your Boyfriend: This is the only way you gonna leave me!
You: Stop it! Stop!
Your Boyfriend: Tell me you love me.
You: I....I.....I love you.
(Your Boyfriend Lets you go)
{In the middles of the night}
You finish packing up all your stuff, and leave through the front door to Princeton's house.
(You knock on his door, and he opens it)
Princeton: * Looks extremely tired * [Your Name]? Wassup?
You: * Eyes red, still crying a little bit * I broke up with him.
Princeton * Is really happy on the inside but doesn't show it * What you been doing all this time?
You: Thinking.
Princeton: About what?
You: About us.
Princeton: Come here.
(He takes your hand and hugs you and brings you inside)
(You wake up in Princeton's bed but he's not there)
Princeton: Bursts through the door Good Morning Baby girl.
You: Good morning :]
(He brings you breakfast in bed)
You: Awwww, Prince you're so sweet, I love you.
Princeton: I love you too♥ [Your Name]


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