A Mindless Moment (Ray Ray Version)

(You're Ray Ray's old best friend but you've had the biggest crush on him since you were 10 years old.)
Ray Ray: Prod, is that [Your Name]?
Prodigy: I don't know, she looks different!
Ray Ray: Yeah, I know, we haven't talked since like 5th grade.
(You walk over to get your CD signed at the meet & greet)
You: Hi Ray Ray :)
Ray Ray: [Your Name] Is that you?
You:Yeah, I didn't think you would notice me, haha.
Ray Ray: Noo, you're hard not to notice.
(He hugs you & can't stop smiling)

Chapter 1

Ray Ray's Mindless Moment

by: tifftff5
(Just when you were done getting your CD signed, you were about to leave)
Ray Ray: [Your Name] Wait!
(He walks over)
You: Yes?
Ray Ray: You know we're not doing anything tomorrow, maybe you wanna hang out at the park?
You: Aww, sure:)
Ray Ray: Mkay, see you tomorrow then:)
(At the park the next day)
You:Hey Ray Ray:)
(You see him playing basketball by himself)
Ray Ray: Oh, hey you made it:)
You: Yeah, you want me to play too?
Ray Ray: Yeah, sure:)
(You guys play basketball for an hour, but you try to get his attention by trying to impress him and you keep losing, so you get really upset.)
Ray Ray: Ohhh! I made it! Try to beat that!
You: You know what, I'm done!
Ray Ray: Damn, [Your Name] I was just kidding.
You:No, that's not what I'm mad about.
Ray Ray: Then why are you so upset?
You: Wow, I'm surprised you even knew I was upset. Knowing that you don't even talk to me anymore!
Ray Ray: Ohhh, that's what this is about?I thought we were picking back up from where we left off of our friendship when we were 10.
You: It doesn't feel like it.
Ray Ray: Well I'm sorry, if you wanna play ball then here(he throws you the ball and you catch it)
You:Ray Ray wait....
(He turns back around, and you walk over to him)
Ray Ray: Yeah?
You: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so upset.
Ray Ray: Why didn't you just tell me how you felt?
You: I can't. Ugh, that's not the reason why I was so mad.
Ray Ray: Then what is it?
You: I.....I.....I umm....
Ray Ray :You...??
(You start to tear-up)
You: I love you, but you never noticed.
Ray Ray: * Speechless * You love me? You mean you love me the way I love you?
You: You love me back? * Sniffling from the tears *
Ray Ray: Of course I love you back♥ [Your Name]
(He walks over to you and hugs & kisses you)


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