About ME!! :) (Repost thing)

This is a repost

Chapter 1

About me

Name: Emily :)
Age: 14
Birthplace: Uhh that would give away where i live :P
Siblings: 2, a younger brother and older sister :)
Person I look up to: idk maybe my sister, but she is a wayy overachiever.. idk who i look up to..
Three things on my wall: A picture of a tiger, a picture of a dog, and some stuffed animals that are on a shelf
Nicknames: Emmy, French-Fry, Emster
Fave tv show: I like tv shows on Disney and Nickelodeon
Grade: 8
Fave cartoon character: Alvin and the Chipmunks!!
Ringtone: Haha this songs called "Im on a boat" or something like that
Fave animal: Panda!!
Times I moved: I have never moved
Place I wish to visit: Florida or California
Fave song: I cant count how many there are too many!
Fave word: uhhh idk............ what is my fave word? Laughter :)
Best friend: Wow i have like 10 best friends, im not even kidding
Fave subject: Music, Gym, Art :)
Stores I always go to: American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie (But i dont go to those stores, i go to this like retailish store haha yeah.. because i dont get what the point is to spend so much money on clothes when you can get them cheaper somewhere else)


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