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Chapter 1

First Kiss(not)

Yesterday, there was a parade(that we got first place in!). There's this girl who has an older brother that I'm pretty close to. He's the guy that I wrote does he like me and whatnot. I hadn't seen him in like one or two months and I admit I kinda missed him. During the parade, he walked with us and stuff. Before we marched, I didn't know that he was there but apparently he was. Someone said hey look over there and I saw him. I think I blushed. I don't want to like him but I do. I hate it when I like more than one guy at a time. I'm literally in love with this guy. Last night he came up to me and said, "Hey Liz," and gave me a come-here hug(and it was so awesome!). Ok let's call the guy I don't wanna like Bob(I dunno....). After the parade, I kept seeing Bob looking over at me. Then we were at the band room, not many people were there. He came over to me and I thought he was gonna do something different from what he did. He kept getting closer and closer to me. Like first he was a foot away from me then six inches then three inches then one inch away from. He was staring at my lips and I know I saw him lean in. Then we were like half an inch away from each other when he said never mind and backed away. It wasn't till afterwards when I realized he was gonna kiss me. This is bad! First, he's my friend's brother. That would be so awkward. Second, he's like two years older than me. Third, he's in the high school varsity band with my brother and I know most everyone in band and they know me. I doubt they'd let me date him. I'm so screwed.


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