Will you fall for a Demon, Vampyre, Lycan, Angel or Neko? Part 5

So we left off with your brother from another dimension trying to kill u and Tyrone jumps in the way!! Now he is dead forever.... or is he?

Chapter 1

Part 5

You stare down at Tyrone's lifeless bodyy.
"NO!" you scream, the others rush over to u. Zain and Derek attacking Valek. Marius and Koiryn as sheilds. Screaming in fury you jump up, grab Tirith, who Marius is holding out to you and run at Valek.
"You @ZZ!!!!!!!" You shout, swiping at him with your de@dly blade. His wings swing towards you again and nicks you on the arm, ignoring it you fight back.

After a while of fighting you, derek and zain are all exhausted. But they manage to subdue Valek, grabbing his wings and twisting them behind his back. The guys on each wing.

Raising your blade you stare down at your brother in fury.
"This is for Tyrone" you say, swinging Tirith down in a de@dly arch. Seconds later you stand there, a blooddied tirith by your side, the boys staring at the headless bodyy of Valek.

Turning around u all walk back to tyrone. The guys pick him up and carry his bodyy inside. None of them look at you. Which is good. you dont want to see the loathing in their stares. Tyrone was like thier brother and he died to save you, the guilt is too much. Once inside you run upstairs and lock yourself in a room. Laying face down on a black sheeted bed, u wonder who this room belongs to.

A minute later someone twists on the doorknob and finding it locked, knocks on the door.
"Val? Are you in there?" Zains voice is muffled by the door but still audible. "Marius is tryig to bring Tyrone back" he says. Hoping flares waring with confusion, getting up u open the door and look up at Zain, he grabs u and pulls u into a hug.
"Its not ur fault" he says quietly before grabbing your hand and leading u down stairs were everyone is kneeling around tyrone. Koiry looks up and smiles through tears. ur guilt comes back full force.

Sitting next to Zain u watch as Marius raises his hands, his wings unfurling and a golden light envelopes Tyrone. Marius starts chanting in a strange language. This continues on before the chant increases in volume and speed. Finally it stops, there is a bright flash and the gold light disappears. Everyone stares at Tyrone.
"It didn't Work" Marius says sadly, his head bowed.
"Should we bury him?" asks Derek. You breath hitches and Zain wraps u in a hug again.
"So i get to see my own funeral? Cool" syas a familiar voice. Tyrone's. You look down but his body is as lifeless as ever. Marius is staring behind u. Following his gaze, u gasp in shock. Tyrone stands before you. A floating see throught Tyrone.

"Holy Sh!tt... your a ghost" u say, before passing out.


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