In My Bedroom(;

Haha don't worry this isn't dirrty(:
It's just the repost, and im a sucker for them, and this one looked fun.

Chapter 1


How many windows are in your room?

What color are your walls?
Blue, but its gross

Hardwood floor, tile or carpet?

Do you get ready in the day in your room or your bathroom?
Bedroom(: Sister takes up all of the bathroom space......

What size bed do you have?

What does your comferter look like?
blue...which is also gross
Is your room big?
not really....its like a room....ya know

Is it clean?
Yes!!!! i love to clean, cuz im a freak like that

Have you ever done it in your room?
OMG YES!!!! (jk u perve)

Do you have a ceiling?
nope, i live outside in a freaking tent. (duh)

Do you have a nightlight?

Do you have the following in your room:
(x)More than 3 sources of light
(x)Phone (my cell phone)
(x)Chair/dish chair
(x)CD Player/stereo
()Bean bag chair
(x)Posters (yeah my room is decked with them)
(x)Walk in closet
(x)Large mirror
(x)Bathroom (conectingg)
(x)Clock (alarm....)
()Clothes on the floor
()Box of tissues
()Lava lamp
()Smoke detector
()A bin
(x)Locking door
()Can of soda
(x)Bottle of water
()Playstation or other game source (euw video games are gross)
()A black light
(x)Something about your own country
()Water polo ball
()Softball stuff
() hockey stuff
() snowboard
(x) Dance crap
(x)Over 100 CDs
()Surrond sound
()Empty liquor bottles
()Stop sign
()Caution tape
()Paintball gun
(x)Dog/cat bed (WEINER DOGS)
()Picture of GF/BF by bed


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