I'm Only Mindless For You Part 2!

Chapter 3

Not Again!

An Hour After Mary Falls Asleep

I was on my way to my room, when I heard Mary scream.

I busted the door down and saw Jacob.

"You!" He yelled grabbing me.

"Well, hello to you too!" I said punching him in the face.

He fell back on the floor. I jumped on him and began punching him some more, until Princeton and Diggy came in.

Prince lifted me up and he and Diggy began punching him. Then everyone else walked in.

"Diana?" Roc asked.

"Oh, yeah?" I asked back.

"Do you want me or Princeton?"

"Uh, uh" I was about to tell him I didn't want Prince, until Princeton walked over.

"Are you okay Diana?" He asked hugging me.

"Um, yeah" I replied. Awkward.

"She's MY girlfriend!" Roc yelled.

"She's gonna be MINE! Right Diana?" Princeton yelled back.

"Huh?" I was on the verge of tears.

"It's fine" Roc said storming out the room.

"Wait!" I was gonna go after him, but Princeton grabbed me and kissed me.

Roc Royal turned and saw Princeton let go.

"You" He said slamming Prince into the wall.

They were fighting like me and my cousin Desiree at McDonalds and trust me, it's not pretty.

"Get off!' I yelled seperating them.

"You wanna kiss my girl!" Roc said. "Well, fine!" He grabbed Mary and kissed her.

Diggy looked at him.


Diggy ran out of the room. Mary looked at Roc and ran after him.

I looked at Roc Royal, then Princeton.

"I was gonna tell you I wanted to be with you, not Princeton, but now... It's over! Princeton I'll be your girlfriend!" I said angrily.

"Lost a good one man!" Princeton said as I walked out of the room.

Roc grabbed my hand.

"Diana, please?"

"Leave me alone!"

"C'mon I''m sorry, I didn't mean it!"

"Yes you did! You kissed her out of jealousy of Princeton, and they aren't even together anymore!"

"Fine Diana, then I guess we'll be arguing alot then" Roc said bumping Princeton and walking out.

Yeah, there's gonna be a fight alright...... I said to myself.

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