I'm Only Mindless For You Part 2!

Chapter 2

Already Home(Mary's P.O.V)

I walked inside the house with Diggy, since he wanted to keep me company. I sat down on the couch and watched TV. Diggy sat beside me, and he was staring at me. Then, he held my hand.
"I like you alot Mary." he said.
I blushed. Awww!!! I thought. He started smiling.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.
"Yes!!" I exclaimed.
He kissed me and we hugged. We then heard the door open. Kylie walked in first.
"Awww!!!! Guys, look!!!" she screamed.
The rest walked inside.
"AWWW!!!!!" said everyone, except for Princeton. I guess he was still angry, but I'll forget him. I'm not going to let him fvck up my life again.
"Aww, Mary and Diggy!!" said Diana, sitting next to me.
"Shut up!" I said, pushing her playfully.
Princeton and Roc were glaring at each other.
"Umm, Diana, why are they glaring at each other?" I whispered to Diana.
She whispered back in my ear.
"Ooooohhhhh!" I said.
"I'm going to get some juice." said Diana.
"NO, I'll get it for you!" said Princeton.
"NO, I'll get it because I'M her boyfriend!" said Roc, getting in Princeton's face.
And before we knew it, Princeton's fist connected with Roc's face. Roc punched Princeton, and he fell to the floor. Princeton grabbed Roc's leg and pulled it, and Roc fell. They wrestled on the ground. We tried to pull them off of each other. I pulled Roc off of Princeton.
"Roc, stop! You're too good for this!" I said.
"I'll go calm him down." I said to the rest of the group.
I took him into the other room.
"Roc, you ok?" I asked.
Then he burst into tears.
"Diana loves Princeton, I saw them kiss." he said.
I hugged him.
"If she really loves you, she'll pick you over him." I said.
Once he was calm, we walked back into the room. Princeton was still on the floor. I leaned over him and said, "I told you, you were going to get you asss kicked."
I sat next to Diggy. Princeton glared at me. Once everyone was settled, I said "I'm going to bed! Deuces!" I was tired. They said bye and I went inside my room. I got into my bed and finally drifted odd to sleep.

1 Hour Later

I woke up by the sound of my door shutting. I shut it when I came in I thought.
Then I saw who it was. Oh. Sh. It.

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