I'm Only Mindless For You Part 2!

Chapter 1

Wait, YOU Love Me?

Princeton walked back into the room.

"Hey" I said nervously.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Um, nothin. Roc's feelin better, and Mary left."

"Oh, what about you?" He said looking at me.

"I'm- f-fine" I was freaking nervous.

The doctor came in.

"He can go home now!" She said helping him up.

"Diana?" He said sweetly.

"Yea?" I was smiling.

"It is you" He said hugging me.

I could see Princeton, giving me a sad smile.

"I'll meet you in the car" I said as Roc, Ray-Ray, Prodigy, Zonnique, and Kylie all walked to the car.

It was me and Princeton, ALONE.

"Do you like me Diana?" He asked after a few minutes of silence.

I didn't answer.

"Do you?"

"Oh, I don't know anymore!" I replied.

"What do you mean, didn't you feel what I felt?" He asked grabbing my hand.

"No. I mean Yes! Oh come on!" I yelled sadly.

"Look, I like you, alot" He said leaning in to kiss me again.

I let him for about 2 seconds, but then I pulled away.

"But what about?"

"-Roc, yeah so what?" He said kissing me again.

I began crying.

He let go.

"What did I do it?" Princeton asked.

"It's just that-"

"You like me and Roc huh?"

"Well, yeah, but"

It's okay" He said giving me a kiss on the cheek and running to the car.

"Oh, man." I thought, there's gonna be hell to pay!

I got into the car and sat in between Roc Royal and Princeton. They were glaring at each other.

"Oh Sh. It.!"

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