Where do I Belong?- A Camp Halfblood Story

Regina Sally Jackson.
Yep, that's me. I'm the daughter of Percy and Annabeth Jackson. I inheirited my mother's blonde hair and knowledge and my father's green eyes and power of the sea.
Power of the sea?
Is my life complicated?
You could say that.

Chapter 1

Chapter Uno

by: Dance

"Mom! What time is it?" I called for the tenth time in twenty minutes.
My mom sighed. "Not time yet, Gina!" She called back.
"Agh!" I whined. I was waiting for the bus from the city came in. I lived at Camp Halfblood with my parents-Dad teaches swordfighting and Mom teaches Ancient Greek- so naturally I couldn't wait until my friends arrived. I couldn't wait to see Layla from the Aphrodite cabin, Chandler from the Hermes cabin, but mostly, I couldn't wait to see my bestfriend, Matthew from the Apollo cabin.
"Gina! Regina!" My dad called. As I had been daydreaming, the bus came. I shrieked and ran out the door. I bolted full speed until I bumped into Matthew, who had just gotten off of the bus.
"Matty!" I said, hugging him.
"Hey, Reggie!" He said, hugging me back. 'Matty' and 'Reggie' were our special nicknames. If anyone-even Layla or Chandler- called us that, we became overly-protective. It was almost childish really.
"I missed you!" We both said, sending us into laughter.
"Hey, Regina." A silky voice said.
Matt's arms tightened around me. I ducked out from beneath his arms to see Sam, a son of Nemesis, giving one of his signature smirks that normally made every girl swoon.
"Hello, Sam." I said politely. Sam and Matt simply nodded at each other. Sam shot me a smile that was obviously meant to make my knees buckle and my cheeks flush. It didn't.
"So, Regina, I was wondering-" Sam was cut off by my bully, Marietta- Marietta was the daughter of Nike, the goddess of victory, which she pointed out often- slinking her arm around his. Marietta was Sam's 'Plan B' when he got rejected, the girl he ran to if all else failed. Sam was Marietta's boy toy, arm candy, or whatever you wanna call it. Basically, Marietta wanted me six feet under because Sam asked me out every summer.
"Hey, Sam. Hey, Matt. Mutt." She sneered at me.
She gave me the name Mutt the first year she came to camp. I was the daughter of two demigods. I was half human and half god, but instead of being half of one god, I'm a quarter Athena, and a quarter Poseidon. So Marietta thought I wasn't as good as the others.
"Marietta, why do you have to be mean and obnoxious?" A sweet voice came from behind me. I turned to see Layla and Chandler.
"Layla! Chandler!" I ran to hug them, but it was difficult seeing as their hands were intertwined. I looked at their hands and then beemed at them. I knew they were always in love.
"When did this happen?" I asked, gesturing to their hands.
"I finally bucked up the courage to ask her out on the last day of school." Chandler said. I smiled, but I was also a little sad. Chandler, Layla, and Matt all went to school together while I stayed at camp all year.
"Yeah, after Matt convinced him to be a man." Layla said, laughing.
"Children! Please go to your cabins and unpack before our Beginning-of-Summer-Session meeting at the ampitheater!" Chiron boomed.

Good morning, starshine! The earth says hello!- Willy Wonka
So, yes, I told myself that I wouldn't start another fanfic unless I finished some others, but I lied! I shall recieve coal in my stocking on Christmas O_O
Anyway, please comment with constructive criticism and other........comments. Yeah, comments.


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