a brand NEW poem by moi!!PLS read!!!!

a brand NEW poem by moi!!PLS read!!!!

i FINALLY had a new flury of inspiration,
and this poem is the result of it!!xD
i hope you guys like it:)
pls comment!!!!
i NEED feedback!!!

Chapter 1

"you've changed it all"

by: indiegirl
I was an outsider looking in
Wondering why I couldn’t fit in,
Just waiting for my life to begin

Night after night alone in my room,
Crying myself to sleep,
Feeling like a black sheep
Thinking of the standards I just couldn’t meet

I felt unhappy, alone, and blue,
But my entire life changed the glorious day I met you

Now I know I’m not an outsider,
but unique

I don’t have to fit in,
I’m beautiful just being me

No longer do I have to wait for life to begin,
Thanks to you, it already did

I’ll never spend another night crying myself to sleep,
I’ll just think of you and I’ll be at peace

Standards will never again mean a thing to me,
Because in your eyes I know there isn’t one I couldn’t meet

So, Yes, you’ve changed it all
I’m certain our love will prevail it all
And for no one else will I ever fall.


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