Before It's Too Late

Before It's Too Late

-WARNING- girlxgirl and boyxboy story. I own the rights to this story, do not steal, blah blah blah..
BASED on Seemingly Spirals, a story I posted on my second account and never continued.

DEDICATED to all the people out there with cancer and other diseases that don't think they're pretty enough. You're beautiful. Trust me. :)

Chapter 1


This story is for all the girls out there with diseases. Like cancer, leaukemia. All those girls who thought, because of that disease, they weren't good enough. Would you like me to tell you something? You're more than good enough. You're too good for this world. You're all beautiful, you're all perfect. Your bandana's signify how strong you are as a whole- how brave, perfect, pretty, strong. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

You are all beautiful, no matter what, and I love you all.

Perfect insecurities are what make up this world~ like our tiny perfect imperfections, you make up for it in how secure you are with these insecurities, but know that no matter what, you're beautiful. Beautiful. And nothing- no disease, no sickness, no 'blemish'- would ever change that.

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