this is about the time i cheered

Chapter 1

lets go tigers

by: marcelleo
Let’s go tigers,let’s go. I screamed while cheering for our team. I always wanted to be a cheer leader. I wanted to jump and dance all day, one day I got to do just that. I begged and begged my mom to let me do it. When she finally said yes I jumped with joy. My mom said it would be a rocky game but I’ll win.
I used to go to an after school program and they had cheer lessons there so I begged my mom to let me do it and after I begged for 5 days strait she let me. I was so happy the next day I told my friends and they said their moms said yes to. We all went to the first class to the last not missing a single one.
One day my teacher said that we were so good at beginners she was going to move us up a level. The next level was hard and frustrating and annoying .So one day I said I quit and ran to my mom and told to take me off the list. She said no and I wasn’t really happy with that at all. I was so mad I ran to my room and cried. 10 minutes later my mom came in and told me, Sweet heart the reason I’m not letting you quit is because you’re doing it when it got rougher and no daughter of mine is a quitter.
The next day I told my teacher i changed my mind. After practices she told me to stay. After everyone left she told me, Make a goal to get better at cheer and I will help you succeed. That night I went home and made a goal that I will help my team win 1st place in the next competition.
I practiced every night and even stayed longer after classes to get the hang of the moves. My teacher said I got so good I’m going to front of the line at the competition. I was really scared but I lead the group to victory. I reached my goal by practicing and doing whatever I can do. Seeing the looks on my friend’s faces was priceless when the tigers were pronounced 1st place winners. This experience has been life changing for me.


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