The Flame Of Illusion

The Flame Of Illusion


Mason Macford is a star hockey player. He seems to have it all; girls drooling over him, money, fame and a promising future. But all Mason really wants is to be normal, so when his best friend asks him to come to a masked party, he reluctantly goes. That's when he meets A.C, a woman who could turn his whole world upside down.
All characters are made up.

Chapter 1

Man Meets Woman

by: Jacers__
Smoke was rolling across the dance floor, giving the dancers the affect as if they were floating. Laughter could be heard through the music that was blasting from the large speakers stationed all around the grand ballroom. In one of the corners, a young lady with a curve-hugging ,midnight black dress stood alone. The dress was sleeveless and shivers were constantly going up and down her body. In her gloved hand, she held a glass of fruit punch. She laughed to herself about nothing in particular when a man with a simple black mask on walked up to the table of refreshments beside her. Her breathe caught in her throat and she smiled at the stranger.

He had not been paying any attention to the women in the ballroom, but this woman caught his eye. Her mask had orange, red, black and gold squares although it was nothing compared to the woman's eyes. They were dark and mysterious, as if she was hiding something. He smiled back at her as he forgot why he had even come to the table.

"Is there something going on that you find amusing, miss?" the man asked as he shifted his attention to the lady. She blushed and was grateful that her mask hid it well.

"No sir," she replied with another smile . Her hand moved toward the table and she set her glass down.

"Are you here alone?" the stranger asked her and her smiled widened. Her heart was pounding hard, and she could barely suppress her urge to giggle like a school girl.

"Yes and no," the lady paused and looked around her, "It seems I've lost my girl-friend."

The man chuckled, "Would you mind dancing with me then?" The woman was speechless, all she could manage was a quick nod before she was sweep onto the dance floor.

The timing seemed perfect. A slow song had begun and the mans arms slid around the lady's slender hips. She pulled herself close to his body and could feel his minty breathe on her neck. It sent more shivers up her spine.

The lady put her mouth by his ear and whispered, "Will we meet again after tonight?"

She pulled back a bit to look him in his eyes. For a moment, she was lost in them. The flecks of silver in his emerald green eyes were mesmerizing. But his deep voice brought her back to reality.

"I do not know miss," he sighed, and the women detected a hint of disappointment. She looked at the man again and they simply stared at each other, both wondering who the other one was.

The woman shakily brought her hand up to touch his cheek, and his hand in return moved to keep her hand there. He moved his face to kiss the palm of her hand before he brought her face towards his.

He was slow, giving her time to step out of his grasp. When she did no such thing, he brought his lips upon hers. The kiss was soft at first before his tongue entered her mouth. Her heart started to face as she buried her hands in his silky brown hair. He pulled away after a while and she smiled at him.

"I'm sorry," he started, "that was a bit uncalled for."

The woman shook her head, her dark hair flying into her face. The man brushed the runaway strands behind her ear as she spoke faintly in his ear again.

"Don't apologize." Her hands fell back around his neck, and nestled herself against his body once again. She could feel his muscles beneath the light suit and closed her eyes as she thought about their kiss.

"What is your name?" he asked her, wondering again who exactly this mysterious woman is.

"It wouldn't be a mystery anymore if you know, now would it?.. But could I know yours?"

The words stumbled out of his mouth before he could stop himself, "Mason Macford."

"Well Mason Macford..." her words trailed off as she kissed him again. "You certainly have a way with ladies."

"Please miss, tell me your name. I want to be able to find you again," the man pleaded against her supple lips.

"Hang on a minute," she muttered as she fumbled for something in her purse. She pulled out a pen and grabbed a napkin from a nearby waiter. Hastily, she wrote down something and handed it to him.

It read, "A.C - *** *** ****"

The man smiled at her, and without questioning her further, they danced the night away.

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