betheny hamilton

bethheny hamilton story

Chapter 1

the attack

by: marcelleo
Bethany Hamilton was born to a family of surfers. She started surfing when she was 11 and at the age of 13 she became a professional surfer in Hawaii. At the age of 13 she got attacked by a shark and her life had changed. Bethany Hamilton is my hero because even though she lost an arm she didn’t give up on surfing and kept going.
On Halloween morning Bethany was on her surfboard in the clear waters off the cost of Kauai north. A 12-15 foot tiger shark bit off her left arm right below her shoulder and ate half of her board. What had happened was her left arm was in the water and her right arm was holding on the board when the shark came up out of the water and grabbed it and shook her back and forth. She was then pulled to shore and taken to the hospital where they sewed up her arm and put a bandage on it. A month and a half later she was back in the water surfing again.

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