If I Had You ~A Darren Criss love story~

Yeah I know I shouldn't be writing a new story because I haven't finished the first 1. But I'm losing inspiration for that 1. But people are helping me with that story.

Character: Elizabeth "Liz" Harrison.
Description: 5'8, long dirty blonde hair naturally curly but she likes it straight, green eyes & a little tan (she's biracial white father, native american mother.)
Ocupation: Part time job as a waitress in a diner in NYC but hopes to be a singer on broadway.
Age: 21

Chapter 1

Good Morning (yeah right)

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE- I sllap my alarm to turn it off. ugh, I think. I really don't wanna go to work today. after I finish wallowing in my self pity I turn over to lay on my side for 2 seconds before I gotta go shower & end rolling completely out of bed & onto the floor. "FVCK! UGH I HATE THIS!!" I get up & shower. When I get out I look at the clock. Great, I've got 20mins to be at work. I throw on some jeans & a tshirt with my shoes & makeup in my bag, grab a bagel & a juice bag (capri sun obviously ;) & run to my car. I drive as fast as I can under the speed limit & finally make it to work. I run inside & put on my uniform. I'm still late but I've got work to do: in New York, every meal feels like dinner rush.
*OK its just her working all day so next chapter is her getting off work & so on.

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