A Pale White Creature

Just a short something I wrote out of boredom :P

Chapter 1

by: _Ripple_
A pale white creature glistened under the moonlight. In a land of silhouettes and impenetrable darkness, only it and the moon contrasted against the endless black. It was lithe and thin, with scales that shone like the moon itself and rippled as they flowed across its back. The creature seemed reptilian, but the one that witnessed it wondered if it could be a pale white swan as they noticed the wings that protruded from its back. However, they soon dismissed this thought from their mind, for its wings were more like that of a bat's than anything else. Although that didn't quite seem to fit either, for the wings flexed and curled delicately around its back as it took flight with more agility than any species of bat. The creature stretched its long neck into the night as it beat its great wings, and the one that witnessed it marvelled at the way it curled and twisted its body as it rose through the air as though it were a puff of delicate white smoke. Its body seemed to hang in the air for a moment, before it straightened and dived forwards into the darkness. The observer watched for a moment as its glinting white body was swallowed by the darkness, and it vanished forever. They waited for some time in the cold, hoping to catch another glimpse of the creature, but it did not return. After some time, the watcher returned to their home, and life returned to the way it had always been.


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