the camping trip fail

i need to right a story for schooll tell me what you think of it

Chapter 1

the camping trip

by: marcelleo
Hey molly what’s up? Justin yelled while getting off the skateboard ramp.Hey come on were late. Molly screamed to Justin. They were going to Jason’s house because it was Friday and like every other Friday they were going camping. Molly loved going camping with Justin, and Jason. Justin always had his guitar. Jason always picks the best place to go. Today they were going to big bear lake. It had a park and tables and a forest.
Hey Jason! Molly yelled as her and Justin ran in Jason’s house. What up, I’ll be right there. Jason lived in the basement of his mom’s house. His mom is never allowed down there because as long as he pays the rent only friends and his pet poodle are allowed down there. Hey Pookie. Justin said to the dog as he sat in front of the TV and starting to play on the Xbox 360.
Ok let’s go. Jason said as he walked out of his room with a fake glow in the dark flower for molly because he broke molly’s other one. It’s about time! molly and Justin said at the same time. On the way to the park they were singing to Baby a song that Justin made.
When they got to big bear lake it was night. Jason had forgotten the wood at home so he sent Justin and molly to go find some in the woods. Justin and molly left for the woods and started messing around and not paying attentions to where they were going. They ended up getting lost and didn’t know where to go and there phones weren’t working they didn’t know what to do they were really scarred.
After a while Jason started getting worried so he went looking for them and it was getting late so after about an hour he turned around and went back to camp and said he’ll go looking in the morning. It was morning now and molly a Justin still weren’t back so Jason went looking for them again and after he looked for 3 hours he found them. Molly was scratched up on her legs and arms because of the branches and Justin was so bad he needed to go to the hospital.


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