Kaiba In Love? NO WAY! (Seto Kaiba Romance)

I started writting this fan-fic a long while back, It's posted on quizilla, but I decided to change it around a lot so it would fit my writting style now. Constructive critisism is welcome!

Chapter Question: What's your opinion of Scarlett so Far?

Chapter 1

New Beginings

Scarlett sighed softly as she stood outside the gates of her new school, taking a few steps forward through the gate she frowned, everyone was staring at her, not because she wasn't wearing the school's uniform, not because she was beautiful, but because she was 'Taylor Jonevers' younger sister, the street performer turned rockstar. It was hard to find anyone who didn't know him, or his family for the matter of fact.

Knowing that the staring wouldn't stop the girl pressed on, walking through the revolving doors and inside the 'Domino Highschool's' building, pretending to ignore them all.

Walking towards the Reception, Scarlett couldn't help but frown why is everything so white in this place? she thought, taking notice of the walls, furniture and floors it's like some kind of asylum for the insane...

Behind the white wood desk a plump looking woman dressed in a black shirt smiled brightly at Scarlett "Good Morning miss, how may I help you?" she asked merily, Scarlett sighed all of a sudden feeling extremily tired "I'm Scarlett Jonever, new student." she said, the woman nodded animatedly then looked the girl up and down, taking in her long blonde hair and green eyes, then the black skinny jeans, new rocks and her waist lenght leather bikers jacket "of course Miss Jonever, but please do wear your uniform, I assume it hasn't arrived yet." the receptionist said as she opened a desk drawer and pulled out several papers and I.D card that would unlock the girls locker "You assume right, Miss Coldwell." Scarlett answered calmly as she glanced at the name badge that was clipped to the womans shirt.

The bell had rang, but Scarlett wasn't rushing to get to her class, she walked down the halls, past the thousands of lockers playing with the little card in her hands as she searched for locker 101, finally reaching it the girl swiped the card on the little pad and it slowly swung open rather nice tech they have here though...and what a great number 101 for the new loner of this school she thought with a light chuckle as she stuffed most of the books that had been in her back into the locker and then finally started making her way to the geography classroom.

Once the girl entered she introduced herself to the teacher and then the class before finding an empty seat at the back and waiting for it all to be over [i]Gah! even the classrooms are white....have these people never heard of colour?" she thought.

Geography wasn't a hard class and Scarlett really didn't care. The girl was leaning against the desk, her elbow propped up and her head resting in the palm as she doodeled into her notebook and listened to the teacher explain to a loud, blond idiot where Russia was, when suddenly she felt something light hit her head and fall onto the desk, looking down the girl realised it was a scrunched up piece of paper, she glance in the direction it had come from and frowned as a pretty little red-haired girl waved at her smiling so widely that her molers where visible. The blonde unscrunched the papr and read:

Hey! My name is Ichinose Leina, Let's be friends!

Scarlett glanced at the girl again, wrote something down and threw it back at her.

I don't appreciate things being flung at my head.

Once the class was over Scarlett grabbd her things, but before she got out of class the red-head stopped her "hey! I'm sorry about earlier." she said giggling lightly "of course you don't like thigns being thrown at you." she said knocking hersel fon the head playfully "I'm Leina." she said and Scarlett nodded and walked on, out of class "Scarlett" she said as the girl continued following her. "Gorgeous name. You know I only started going to this school yesterday myself! so I was thinking it would really be cool if we became friends."
"I'm not a friendly person." the blonde said with a shrug and Leina giggled "that's alright! you'll grow to like me!" she added confidently making Scarlett chuckle "right."

It hadn't come as a surprise as Scarlett found out that Leina's locker number was 102, or that their schedules matched perfectly, annoying people always seemed to stick to her and this was no execption.
"This is so cool!" Leina said happily as she opened her locker and changed her Geography books for Mathematics "It's like destiny" she continued speaking, but Scarlett tuned her out after the third time she said 'cool'

"So uhm, do you have any siblings?" asked Leina as the two girls wondered the corridors trying to find the maths class, but to them all the hallways looked exactly the same. I never got a tour of where Maths was held at... Scarlett thought before realising Leina had asked something "three siblings, you?"

"Only child...uhm Scarlett do you know where we're going?" the red-head asked as she stopped in the middle of the completely empty hallway, the blonde turned on her heel stoppin g as well "wait you mean you don't know either? all this time I was following you." she said calmly and Leina laughed "and I, you!" she said rubbing the back of her head. great. we're doomed.

Leina looked visibly relieved when the girls heard loud footsteps heading in their direction "we're saved." she said happily as if she had read Scarletts mind. A young man looking like might have been a year older turned round the corner, he wore the school colours, but instead of a blazer he had a long trench coat, with each step he took the coat swished behind him king complex or what? Scarlett thought.


Seto kaiba walked along the white corridor as if he owned it, each step he took emitted just how annoyed he was. Having spent the whole morning dealing with the morons of Asami Corp he really hadn't felt like going to school, but computer class beckoned.

He could hear footsteps that abruptly ended behind a corner, then whispers. Finally two girls came into view and as he passed them, a tall blonde grabbed his arm "Hey can you help..." frowning he shoved her away and glared, the sudden shove made the girl stepped back a little as if she lost her balance, but she quickly regained it and then a frown appeared on her own face "no need to be and a--h-le, we just wanted to know where Haruno Sensei's class was." she spoke confidently, while the small red-head behind her quivered watching him.

"Follow me." he said calmly before continuing on his way. I shouldn't have said that. I should have left them there. How dare she latch onto me. he thought.


As the girls followed the young man, Scarlett felt Leina's arm wrap around her own and while the blonde girl hated it she decided not to make a scene. "That's Seto Kaiba." Leina whispered as if Scarlett was supposed to know who he was. Scarlett shrugged "don't know who he is" she answered, not bothering to whisper. The guy glanced at her, a slight frown visible on his features "he's the richest man in Japan" Leina continued "well good for him." Scarlett answered casually, Kaiba stopped abruptly "that's your class." he said pointing towards it, before the girls could say anything else he turned and enter through a door in the opposite side. Leina smiled slightly "he's as cold-hearted as they say."

Scarlett opened the doors of the Mathematics classroom "Sorry we're late sensei, we got lost." she said softly, the teacher glared at them "don't let it happen again or you will get detention." the teacher said before making them sit down at the front.

The girl pulled out her note-book and sighed well this is going to be a b---h of a class. she thought, the teacher obviously didn't like them.

When is this torture going to end? Scarlett thought as the teacher drawled on about fractions and precenteges making the blonde girl to try desperetdly not to start hitting her head against the desk in anguish.

FInally the class had ended, Scarlett was the first to jump up and throw her things into the bag trying to run for freedom, but she was stopped by the sensei who asked her to stay back. Sighing Scarlett watched as Leina left the classroom, then leaned against the wall in wait of the blonde damn..is she going to really stick to me? Once everyone was gone the Haruno sensei walked over to the blonde's desk and sat on top of it, her skirt riding up slightly, showing off her flowery tights. Scarlett blinked she's not going to se-ual harasss me is she? I heard Japanese teachers do that...

"Mis Jonever" Haruno sensei said, smiling lightly oh c--p.... "Yes?"
"Well I've read over your grades for maths, and it's became aware that you are very talented in this subject. As you may not know, here in Japan we have teams from different schools who go on tv and show off their knowledge I was hoping..." Scarlett didn't let the woman finish as she stood up "No thanks, I'm not interested in joining any teams, especially not for Mathematics. See you tomorrow Haruno sensei." she said before making her way out of the classroom and leaving the woman both annoyed and speechless......

((I think that's enough for chapter one, although my original chapter is even longer. I Hope you guys comment.))

Chapter Question: What's your opinion of Scarlett so Far?

((Picture Of Scarlett In My Album. Can anyone help me with how to post in onto here? ))


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