Think you haven't killed? Think again! (humorous and serious)

Based on my friend's theory, earned info (probably from a teacher and other sources), and personal insights

Chapter 1

You kill, I kill, We ALL do, let's face it

We're all killers. Have you killed something or someone before? You'll find out that YOU DID. Don't deny it!

Worst case- You literally murdered someone. I trust none of you caused a massacre or genocide?

Not as morbid- Someone died because of you (maybe for you-positive or because of you- negative because you hurt them and they loved you, etc.)

Less morbid- You're rich and selfish, and you don't realize all the poor people dying on the streets due to hunger and malnutrition

Much less morbid- You eat meat. Most, if not all cows/pigs/chickens, etc. end up in the slaughter house.

Much, much less morbid- You use CFC's (aircon, insecticide, etc.), pollute, release smog from your cars, etc. You're killing the environment! (It's average since it's not dead yet. ONLY PARTS. We contribute to extinction of some factors, and endager lives of wild/rare animals.

Not so morbid- You let people down and kill their hopes and/or confidence. You're so full of pride, you drown down others' spirits. Bad-talking them in the face or behind their backs is already enough! Breaking up with someone is considered, too. Breaking a heart is killing them inside.

Not morbid, but unacceptable and I hope this'll change your life: You lazily waste time instead of reaching your dreams. YOU KILL TIME!

Not morbid at all, but still involving killing- you freaked out 'cause of a rodent, cockroach, or any of the sort. You either killed it or asked someone to kill and throw it away for you. And of course, don't deny it-- you must've killed at least ONE ANT. :)

In short, WE ALL KILL!

I kill, you kill, your friends and family kill, WE ALL KILL.


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