The Texan Gal (A Draco and Harry Love Triangle)

Someone suggested I write a harry potter story, so here it is.

Chapter 1

Green eyes? Black hair? Who?

I was crying. "I don't want to go!" Mama held me close. "You'll only be gone for the school year, my baby." I sniffed. "I don't want to leave you and Papa." He kissed the top of my head. "I know baby, just remember that your our little girl." She stroked my hair like she did when I was a little girl, when we lived in our little ranch house with the pastel flower curtains and the wooden doorway with a screen door.
"Mama." I said after some time. "I'll go to Hogwarts." She kissed my forehead. "I'll tell ya Papa." She got up and went into the den. I heard my papa say something. I was going to Hogwarts because of the exchange program and because I was a great witch. Hogwarts is a wizard school and yes, magic is R-E-A-L! Papa came into the room and gave me a one of his papa bear hugs. "My baby's going to Hogwarts!" My papa had gone to Hogwarts when he was my age.
He danced me around the room until I was dizzy. This was the day I went to London. We all piled into the car, Mama, Papa, Rex, and Cazer. Rex and Cazer are my brother's. Rex is only four while Cazer is seven. I'm eleven. My name is Carmelita. When we got to the airport. I kissed Mama goodbye and hugged Papa. Rex gave me a hug and Cazer wouldn't let me kiss or hug him. I waved goodbye and jumped onto the plane.
Soon I arrived in London where someone was waiting for me. He stood next to a limo holding a sign that said my name, Carmelita Echo Rain Johnson. He opened the door of the limo and helped me in. I felt so out of place in my ratty old jeans handed down from my big sister Rosa, and my tanktop with a cute little cow saying moo. My boots were out of place too. Good old reliable cowboy boots.
It pulled up into a neighborhood called Privet Drive. We passed a house and I saw a boy with stunning green eyes and black hair. Our eyes were locked until he was out of sight. I shook my head. The boy's eyes were hypnotizing. The driver dropped me off at the house that I was going to stay in. The house was amazing. I walked into one of the bedrooms and crashed. I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

Authors Note I know that it is short, but I worked on this for a while....It might suck.

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