Never Before And Never Again

This is a story my friend, Maeve, and I are writing.

I need to know which Maurader you want the girl to end up with.

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Chapter 1

The Begining Of Our Story

This first chapter's doesn't mention the Mauraders or Hogwarts yet.

It was an ordinarily day. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and Claire Warbler had just exploded a fruit cake.
It was a tasteless fruit cake, but a fruit cake nonetheless. Her mother had just tried cooking for the first time in her life, and it hadn’t turned out to well.
Before the strange fruit cake explosion, Claire had been in a bad mood. Claire was a good natured child, but even good natured children are entitled to a mood now and then.
The reason she was in a bad mood was because her new stepfather was drunk again, and had taken a swing at her with his beer bottle. It was in that moment that Claire thanked her rarely lucky stars that she was fast; fast enough to escape a drunken man’s terrible aim and the empty bottle that flew out of his hand.
Claire had just walked inside to tell her mother that she thought that marrying a man she had only know for two months was an erratic and harebrained decision, knowing her mother wouldn’t listen, but willing to try anyway.
When she got to the kitchen it was obvious form the smell that dinner would not be very tasty. She smiled in light of this fact, for she had a collection of various fruits and vegetables in the garden in the backyard of her house.
“Mother?” Claire asked in her quite voice.
“What do you want Claire?” Her mother snapped at her.
Claire winched. “Paul just tried to hit me with a beer bottle,” she mumbled, losing her nerve.
Claire’s mother scoffed and rolled her eyes.
Claire’s mother didn’t like Claire very much; she preferred-
“Just make yourself useful and go get Annabeth,” she sighed the girls name as if she was an angel.
Annabeth. Their mother preferred Claire’s twin sister Annabeth.
It wasn’t just in looks that Claire felt inferior, but also in personality.
Claire and Annabeth were far from identical. Annabeth (or “Anna” as their mother called her), was of average height; Claire was tall. Anna had blond hair; Claire was a nut brown brunette. Anna was surprisingly developed for a eleven year old; Claire felt she had no prospects in the ways of a figure. Anna was funny; Claire was not. Anna had real friends; Claire didn’t, only the ones in her books, but she preferred it that way; they could never leave her, or make fun of her at least.
Claire slipped up the stairs in her quite, shy way, contemplating this.
“Annabeth?” Claire said, peeking into her sister’s room. “Dinner’s ready.”
Annabeth jumped ever so slightly; she’d been alone in her room, reading a book. She looked around, saw her sister, and smiled at her.
“Hi, Claire.”
“Lo, Annabeth.”
“Tell Mum I’ll be down in a moment. I need to wash my hands.”
Claire nodded, but didn’t say anything; she simply went back downstairs.
“Where is Anna?” Mother asked.
“She’ll be down in a moment. She needed to wash her hands.”
“Oh, okay, we’ll just wait for her to come down.”
Claire tried not to cry. Her mother’s overt preference of her sister hurt. If she’d been late to dinner, her mother would’ve made sure she didn’t eat.
Claire sat down. She sniffled and wiped her nose on her shirt sleeve.
Annabeth came down then. She sat next to Claire and smiled at her.
“So, Anna,” Mother said, making Annabeth cringe; she didn’t like being the favorite anymore than Claire like Paul. “I was thinking; maybe you and I could go shopping, you are growing out of your clothes.”
Annabeth looked down at her clothes; they all fit. She looked at Claire; her jeans were many inches to short, her shirt was too tight, and she couldn’t wear her shoes anymore.
“Um, Mum? My clothes fit just fine. Why don’t you take Claire instead?”
“Claire? Oh, yes; her clothes are fine, but that t-shirt looks a bit small.”
Claire stood up. She was crying, trying to think of someone besides Annabeth that loved her and coming up empty.
Claire ran away.
But not before the fruit cake blew up.

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