Secrets... (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Anyway, this is about this girl here who's bio is below...
Sapphire Taylor
-Called Sophie
-Famous in Muggle world; very athletic and smart. Great wizard. Can recite spells without a wand or saying the spell. Both parents are Animagus, and shes the first Multi-Magus, meaning she can transform into any animal and ppl, although her fav form is a wolf.
- Black blue hair, bright blue eyes (uh hem, Sapphire) Tall 5'11
-16, transfers to Hogwarts

Chapter 1

Welcome to Hogwarts

by: HKM1000
"See ya Mom, Bye dad!" I waved to them as the left the platform. Here I am! The Hogwarts Express. I still can't believe I was accepted into Hogwarts. I dropped my bag off with the others, trusting the baggage troll, and got on the train. As soon as I stepped on, I was almost struck in the head with a a paper airplane that was magically enhanced. I ducked to avoid it and shuffled past the snickering students. How immature! Anyway, I walked to the middle of the train when I finally found an empty compartment. I quickly ducked in and claimed my spot. As soon as I was settled, a trio peeked in. A girl with wavy brunette hair and a smart looking face looked at me.
"Do you mind if we...?"
"No! Of course not," I said as I gestured for them to come in.
2 boys came in after the girls. One with flaming red hair and a mass with feckles, the other with floppy black hair and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. They sat down, the girl across from me and the scar boy beside her. The girl was scrutinizing me.
"Are you new here? I've never seen you before," she asked me. All three looked at me.
"Yeah, my name is Sapph...Sophie. I'm a home-school transfer from America. I will be a fifth year." I told them.
The brunette looked surprises. "You look older. Haha, but maybe that's because you are so tall! Anyway, I'm Hermione Granger." She stuck out her hand and I shook it.
"Nice to meet you," I said. I looked t scar boy.
"Hey, I'm Harry Potter," He said sheepishly. Harry Potter?
"Oh! You're the boy who defeated Volde...I mean you-know-who! Nice to meet you, I Said to him. He mumbled a quick thanks and Hermione gave him a funny look. He shrugged. I moved on and looked at flame head.
"I'm Ron," he said quietly. Hermione gave him a queer look to. He just looked down. Hermione cut back in.
"We are fifth years too, all three of us are in Gryffindor. Maybe that's where you'll be to!" she said hopefully.
"I hope so; I was reading a bit about the houses and it seemed Gryffindor sounded like it would suit me the best, but you never know, right?"
"That's true," she said. "The one house you won;t want to be in is Slytherin. Foul ones they are!" She laughed.
Harry was looking out the door all tense when he said, "And here comes the heart of them now." I listened as a bunch of students came down the hallway, loud and obnoxious. A group of about 4 stopped at our compartment and opened it. In the Center of the group was a tall handsome boy with white-blond hair flopping in his eyes. A permanent smirk on his lips as he looked around our foursome until his eyes came upon me. His eyes opened then transformed into mischievous slits.
"Well, well. A newby," he said, his voice silky and suave, too suave.
"I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. Here are my companions Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy," he told me.
"Sophie," I said, keeping my voice strong, asserting myself.
"Well, Sophie, I just thought I would let you know not to let Granger over there decieve you," He said nodding his head toward Hermione. "Slytherin is very respectable, the best house of the batch."
Harry scoffed.
Malfoy turned toward Potter angrily. "Something you wanna say, Potter!"
Harry looked up, smirking, and said, "Look who's telling lies now, Malfoy."
Malfoy's hand twitched toward his wand pocket, and I stood up, distracting him. "Look, I don;t know what game you're playing, so why are you here?" I asked crossing my arms. Draco crossed his arms to and studied me. He leaned against the side of the door frame, languidly.
"I came to tell you not to put your pawns in the wrong place. You should come with us. We can show you a good time at Hogwarts," he said.
I looked at my group. Hermione inconspicuously shaking her head no, Ron pleading with his eyaes and Harry still glaring at Malfoy. Then I studied the slytherin group. Crappe and Goyle both leering at me, Pansy glaring hatefully at me and then Draco, giving me a half smile/smirk.
I shook my head.
"Listen, Malfoy," said to him, "nice offer, but I already played my pieces correctly."
Malfoy's smile smirk turned into a frown when Harry, Hermione, and Ron all scoffed.
"Last chance, Taylor. Take it or leave it. Just remember that I rule the school. You don't know what I'm capable of," Malfoy said almost threateningly. I stared at him for a few moments then took a small step forward so I was almost in his face.
'"You don't want me as an enemy, Malfoy. I may not look it, but I don't take shi+ from people...I give it right back."
Malfoy scoffed at me. "Right, whatever. See yah losers."
"Buh Bye." I said and gave a tiny wave to the retreating group. As I turned around, proud of myself, Malfoy called my name.
"Hey Taylor, you and your Gryffindor friends better watch your backs." Then he retreated into the shadows.
I ignored the little threat and turned back my new friends. They all looked at me appraisingly.
"Wow, nice job standing up to Malfoy. The last time I ever saw someone do that was, well, Harry on the first day of first year!" said Ron.
"Yeah, that was pretty impressive," Harry said.
"No offense, I wasn't sure If you would fit in with us at first, but I definatly think you will!" Hermione exclamed.
"Haha, thanks! He gives me the creeps." I told them.
"He does that to everyone," Ron said.
The three of us talked throughout the train ride when, before I realized it, Hermione announced it was time to change into the robes. Hermione oofed hers on while Rona nd Harry rummaged through their bags for thiers. I sat there at a loss.
"Sophie, where's your robes?" Hermione asked.
I looked at her sheepishly, "Well, they didnt give me one yet."
"Really? Wow, they always send one for first years," she said.
"I guess its because I'm not a first year. We go to the rooms first, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, but where will you go?" she asked me. I was about to reply when a massage was delivered for me. I read it over.
"What does it say?" aksed Harry.
"I'm going to see Dumbledore in his office. Instead of doing the sorting in front of a crowd, I'll do it in his office."
Huh, that's weird," Ron said. The train stopped and everyone scrambled to get off.
"I guess I'll see you at the Grat Hall!" I said.
"We'll save you a spot just in case. Good luck!" said Hermione.
I found the giant Hagrid and he directed me through the amazing castle to the spiral staircase that lead to the headmaster's office.
I knocked on the door and it opened.
"Hello Sapphire," said a kind, weathered face, "I'm Professor Dumbledore.
I said hello and looked at the lady next to him, The scholarly looking teacher next to him introduced herself as Professor Magonagal.
She told me, "We didnt want you to think you were in trouble, we knew you wanted to not be called Sapphire and draw attention to yourself, so it was just easiest to do it in here."
"Thank you. I just want to remain normal for now." I told them
"So you want to know your house, am I right?" The old man said smiling at me.
I smiled back, "Yes, I believe I would."
They sat me on a stool and placed the old hat on my head. I started as it started to read me.
"Hmmmm, a tough one here. Sapphire Taylor. Great things to come from this one, but where to put her? Hmmmm, devious like a slytheren, clever like a ravenclaw, different like a hufflepuff. Yet bravehearted and courageous. Let me see. Devious? Not as much as brave. Will rely on friends and loved ones. Yuck.(I chuckled at that one) AH! A jokester and can laugh! ...GRYFFINDOR!"
The Professors laughed as they took the hat off of me.
"Well, that was one of the longest! Almost longer than Harry!' Said Professor M. I smiled.
"So, back to busines. You will be rooming with Ms. Granger. Here is your schedule. THe only thing that will be different than your classmates is your transfiguration, with is with the 7th years because of your talents. On your fee period your parents had requested a private tutoe, Pro. M, to teach you a little more about being a Multi-Magus. Understood?"
"Yes, sir." I said to him
"Good, now run along and join your new classmates. Welcome to Hogwarts, Miss Taylor."

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