An Outsiders Thanksgiving Story

Chapter 1

It's Almost Time!!

"Thanksgiving!!" Kylie yelled excitedly.
"Yes, thanksgiving is coming up" I said laughing.
"Who's as happy as me?" she asked as Soda entered the room.
"Me" Megan shouted.
"Hahahaaha! Me too!" I said taking off Soda's hat and giving it to him.
"Hey darlin'!" Twobit said giving me a kiss.
"Good morning!" I said happily.
"Why are you so happy?" Megan asked Twobit shocked.
"Because, I'm spending thanksgiving with the best darn Greasers around!" he said nudging her playfully.
"Well who's going shopping for the Turkey?" Steve asked.
"Me, Megan, and Maddie! Duh!!" I said laughing.
Steve smiled and shook his head.
Johnny came in.
"What's up Johnnycake??" Megan said giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"Nothin much. Bored" he said sitting down. I noticed a bruise on his forehead.
"Johnny, what happened to your forehead??" I asked. I was beginnning to get angry inside.
"Oh, nothin" he said quietly and put his head down.
We all looked at him.
"Did your parents do this?" Megan asked lifting up his head.
"Yea" he said silently.
"I'm going over there!" I said walking to the door.
"Wait for us!" Pony, Steve, Dal, Twobit, Megan, and Kylie said together.
"No, please don't" Johnny said pleading with us.
"We have to. Nobody's gonna lay a hand on my kidbrother!" Twobit said opening the door.
We all walked down the steps of the patio, when we heard Johnny behind us.
"Then let me come with you guy" he said bargaining with us.
"Okay, but we'll do all the talking" Megan said.
We all walked down to his parent's house together...

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