Shape of My Heart (Sequel to Marauder Charms)

Shape of My Heart (Sequel to Marauder Charms)

Well This is hte sequel to marauder Charms -read that if you would like- it. I swear it will become interesting just give me a couple of chapter to get back into writing it. Just need that catch up that'll be about the first three chapters i think.
Well Hope you LIke it.

J.K Rowling Owns these characters of course minus my OC's

Chapter 1

Look at we’re we are now

“Lily just calm down,” I laughed at her. She’d been like this for about an hour now, got up this morning and she was real excited now. Hectic the nervous I have ever seen her, believe me when I say that is saying something. I’d known her since I was six. We lived next door when my family moved from Australia to London. She’d been with me through everything, my brother dying, house burning down and the fun time we had rebuilding it. Not to mention all the times at Hogwarts.
Now twenty years old and it was her wedding die. Her bi+ch of a sister decided she would not be attending, Petunia hated her since Lily found out she was a witch. Marrying James a pureblood did not help their relationship one bit, actually they’ve spoken about twice in the past three years despite all of her attempts. So to answer any questions you may have, I was maid of honour something I wasn’t that good at well the calming her down part. That was her area of expertise.
“Calm down how the hell can I calm down. Oh my god what if he changes his mind and he,” she started to say hurriedly but I cut her off.
“Lil, he loves you. He has since we were what 11, that’s nine freaking years don’t think that’s changed,” I said trying to reason with her. “Face it you did to otherwise I wouldn’t have dealt with seven years of James this and James that or god she’s gorgeous and-“she started to laugh.
“Ok I get it,” she said through her laughs. “Do I look ok?” (

“Lil you look like a bloody goddess,” I said and she did actually. Her red hair was pinned up with a few diamond clips to hold it up making it sparkle in the light.
She laughed again turning to face the mirror immediately smoothing her hands down her dress. “You know in three weeks this will be you.”
I looked down at the ring on my finger. “I know, I’m really glad you’re first though.”
The amount of times I’d made her laugh in the past five minutes was amazing. “You and Sirius who’d have thought.”
I sighed still staring at the diamond before registering what she said and looking up hurting my neck. “Sirius really, what are you playing at?” I squared my eyes at her.
Again with the laughing, “Remus I know, just testing.” She said poking my arm, a few months ago yeah he proposed. I think I did like Sirius’ reaction to it the most though; he ignored Rem since apparently he didn’t know but continued to shower me with sarcastic comments. “By the way always were green.”
I smiled, “by the way thanks for not making me look like a freak like most people do to their bridesmaids.”
“Welcome and time?” she asked nervous again I could tell since she was fidgeting with her hands.
“Time, time let’s rock,” I said collecting the bouquet we both had and the other three one for Georgia, Andromeda Tonks and one for Alice Longbottom. “Wait got your random traditional stuff?”
“I think so and if not to hell with it,” she said.
“That’s my girl, but book? Bracelet? And the other thing that escapes me?” I asked her.
“Yes, yes and yes,” she said and walked me out the door before I had a chance to say anymore.

Walking down an aisle linked with Sirius was a reason to laugh especially since well we both we’re trying not to. James had for once gotten his hair tamed, yes I know insane. That black mess was now just black; I wondered how Lily would take that. Sure she’d been trying to get it to not be everywhere since seventh year but hey it was familiar and to Jamesy.
Then Georgia and Remus followed by Frank and Alice and Peter and Andy.
Sure everyone in the room was looking at Lily and James through the service yet I couldn’t take my eyes of Remus. God that’s what I’d turned into now. Oh who cares? When Lily did however reach James and the whole thing started she stopped him setting murmurs through the crowd, though it was only to screw his hair up again. Perfec I thought he finally does what she’s been asking for and she makes it back to how it was before.

Later the reception, pretty much everyone was still going on and on about their vows which face it were pretty cute especially James who went on with Lily rejecting him all those years calling him a toerag and various other names some I wish I hadn’t heard.
Otherwise good music, good food, good memories to take in. Mainly of me falling down somehow and James, Sirius, Remus and Peter laughing and exchanging galleons.
“So then Lily Potter like it?” I asked her later that night when most of the people had gone home. We were sitting at a small round table with a white tablecloth over it a few –well at least 30- bottles of what I think was fire whiskey lay open on the table, I seriously hope the that were people here got home okay and well didn’t die.
“It’ll take some time getting used to,” she said leaning back in the chair. “You’ll soon have to abandon Tyler.”
“Please I go by Red full time anyway, Monique Tyler basically doesn’t exist,” I laughed recalling my first time at King’s Cross station running into Sirius and happening to have my hair a lovely shade of bright red and pretty much decked out in the same colour, thus the days of Red began.
“True,” she laughed taking a sip of whatever she was drinking now. It was safe to say Lily and I were a little drunk for once I wasn’t the only clumsy person in the room, also it was safe to say I’m never drinking this much again. This was unco-ordination to the extreme, also known as an easy way to make money. Then again so was me not drunk. “Imagine what would have.”
“Lily Potter don’t even think about finishing that sentence,” I warned her.
“You don’t even know what I was going to say.”
“Sure I do, it would have been something like imagine what life would have been like if we hadn’t gone to Hogwarts or you hadn’t friended the Marauders, am I right?” I already knew I was.
“Shut up,” she said hitting my shoulder playfully before Sirius came and swooped her off onto the dance floor, James to follow with me.
“I can’t believe you got married,” I told him after he spun me around.
“Hey,” he exclaimed.
“You know what I mean,” I laughed, offending him was a favourite past time I had.
“Yeah I know, what about you three weeks and forever in a relationship,” he said twirling me again.
“I know, little scary especially if this is the outcome,” I said looking around the room that was now empty except for the Marauders Alice, Georgia, Lily, Andy, Frank and me that wasn’t what I referred to though, no it was the mess. “Weren’t you supposed to be gone?”
“Can’t wait to get rid of me?”
“Pretty much,” I laughed out felling that drunkenness rear its ugly head. I was a bit of a giggle drunk with a slight bit of lets snog everyone in the room. Good mix huh?
The night pretty much ended after that, James and Lily gone for the next week leaving Sirius, Georgia, Remus and me in an empty room.
“What a nice mess we made,” Georgia said surveying the room. It was good to see her again, still with the same rainbow streaks in her brown hair and flirty look in her blue eyes and still a little OCD.
“I’m proud,” Sirius and I said in unison. It wasn’t something that would have usually made me crack up but hey remember the drunken giggles, good cause that was me right now. Still sounding like a four year old I might add. Something just never change.
“I cannot believe you still laugh like that,” Georgia said looking down on me. Aside from her being taller than me –like most people- she was standing while I was cross-legged on the floor.
“Shut up its brilliant,” I said falling backwards onto the cold tiles.
Sirius was laughing at me but joined me on the floor, “drunk?”
“Why would you ask a someone that how are you supposed to know?” I said.
“That’s a yes,” Rem said picking me up from the floor.
“Maybe,” I shrugged. Feeling him kiss my forehead.
“And her hair still goes bright red wow, remind me it’s okay to leave you guys for three years you all stay the same,” Georgia laughed.
“Not true and lot of hippogriff happened while you were away,” I said to her resting my head on Remus’ chest.
“Yeah like what?”
So I rambled on and on. Bad move on her part as well, see me I usually rambled me drunk three times as worse.
Her only reaction at the end though was a laugh, she laughs at the crap of seventh year. Or maybe it was just the Auror testing. Yeah I was a klutz, good thing I’m ace at disguising.
“I’ve missed you guys yes that means you to Black,” she threw a look over -well down- to him and kicked his knee. “But I do need to go back to France so see you in three weeks.” And with a crack she was gone.
“We should probably follow that example,” Sirius said and with that he was also gone.
I looked at Remus, “last ones how the hell did that happen?”
He just shrugged and apparated home.
Home wasn’t exactly much, a small cottage type house in Godric’s Hollow. I loved it, mainly because of the stone walls and the ability to use electricity and plumbing despite it looking old. It did have a slightly medieval theme to it adding to my affection something Remus wasn’t sure he understood. It was two stories and fairly spacious despite it being well small. The last thing I remember that night was a small light in the corner before exhaustion set through and I was lost in slumber still in his arms.

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