293 things to do in class, when you are bored

293 things to do in class, when you are bored

just boredom, a few a day

Chapter 1

firts ten

by: Matt_
1.Speak in improper English like ain’t, and when the teacher corrects, nod like you understand and continue to speak improperly.
2.Randomly get out of your seat and sit on the floor.
3.When it is very quiet, raise your hand and insist it is too loud.
4.If the person next to you is quiet, turn and inform them that they are distracting you.
5.When the teacher calls on you to answer the question, answer `Two ’
6.Randomly raise your hand and say “The answer is three ”
7.Give your teacher a note that uses improper English and misspelled words. Have the note insisting that you are `the most bestest’ in the class and demand to be moved up.
8.During a test, tell the teachers `the voices’ are making you cheat
9.Color red dots all over your arm and show the teacher, and tell her/him that you are allergic to School.
10.Talk about the road kill squirrel you saw on your way to school. Say that it is your dinner. Talk in a redneck voice.

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