Have you ever...

REPOST!!!!!! :D

Chapter 1

How bout you? :P

Have you ever kissed someone: nope
Have you ever lied to get what you want: no not that i remember XD
Have you ever been in an accident: nap (no) but my cousin waz recently and almozt died
Have you started planning for your future: sorta
Have you ever cried while listening to a song: uhmmm i dont think so no not that i remember XD
Have you ever ridden a motorcycle: no and im to scared to i like those like scooter motorcyclez i wudnt b afraid to ride on that cuz it seemz mor safe but like just i luv motorcyclez but im scared of gettin in a reck :P
Have you ever broke someones heart: no
Have you ever had your heart broken: like as in love? no
Have you ever jumped off the roof: nawh but that soundz like fun XD without getting hurt!
Have you already plan for what college you want to go to: ya i do hav a plan but im not tellin u :P
Have you ever cried while watching a movie: yepp doeznt happen often tho
Have you ever flew an airplane: nooo lolx
Have you ever changed for someone: nope nvr wil either :p
Have you started driving: no
Have you ever failed a class: noooo!!!! :D
Have you ever lied for someone: let me think.........................i hav no idea XD


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