kitsune x neko

This was originally an rp I started doing with my friend kellyzip!( find us on Facebook we both are proud members of okami shumatau) and I decided I should post it here so I can say I had some impact on quibblo before I forget my login and sadly leave you all. Any Oo, this is about a young neko-boy who looks like a girl, and he is kidnapped by a fox prince, and forced to serve him as a maid! So enjoy

Chapter 1

day 1

Seiji woke up to find he was not were he was when he went to sleep. He found he was in a magnificent room, that was apart of a magnificent mansion. ' how did I get here.' he thought. His black cat ears jumped when be heard someone entering the room. A tall slender boy stood in the doorway, strawberry blonde hair hung over one green eye and long, lively fox ears perked up. Seiji stared astonished for a moment, until he worked up the nerve to speak. " Who are you, and how did I get here?" he asked in a firm voice. " I am Kitsune." the stranger replied, looking around the room momentarily. " And your in my mansion, I found you." Seiji slightly turned his head to one side. " How did you find me..." Kitsune slightly smiled. " In your house, on your bed." "What do you want!" Seiji asked, his voice now shaking. " Oh... I just want to love you." the fox said stepping in the room, closing the door behind him. " How do you even know me, who ARE you?" the neko asked again. " I just said, I'm Kitsune! A prince." Seiji's ears dropped down with lack of interest. He wasn't very fond of the prince-fox combination. " Well, can you take me home now. kitsune..." he said. The fox looked at him pouting a little and sadly looking down. " I'm sorry Kitsune, but I've been taught to stay away from foxes. No matter what." seiji stood up and gave a warm smile to the fox. " Though I am impressed you found someone like me... in my room..." The fox's red tail swayed back and forward as a smile tugged at his lips. " Why's that?" he asked. " Well, bye." the neko replied looking at the ground. He didn't want to bore prince Kitsune with his boring life-story " Bye?" Kitsune said walking over to the neko, sitting him back down on the bed. He crawled on top of him, with his tail swaying faster. " What are you...?" Seiji said trying to create space between the two of them. " A fox-hybrid..." he replied crawling closer. " Foxes and cat's don't work well together!" Seiji said still backing away. " Oh, but they do. Foxes move as cat's do!" Kitsune said backing the neko into the head board. Seiji looked away blushing extremely hard. " How do you know me." The prince batted his eyes a few times before speaking. " School...? I'm in your class." Seiji thought about it for a moment, and it was true. Kitsune sat next to seiji in three classes. " My ears are clipped down, much like you do, and I wear my glasses at school, and usually my hair is in a short pony-tail." Kitsune looked down a little sad. " I'm sorry." Seiji said still a little frightened from begin against the head board and Kitsune just inches away. With ears still down, the prince backed away from the small neko. " Thanks." Seiji said crawling off the bed, to step on a maid's uniform laying on the floor. " Oh, that's yours." the fox said. " What! What are your alterior motives here. I'm lost." seiji said picking the uniform up to get a better look. " Your going to serve me on that outfit, as my maid." he said giggling. " Why would I do that." Seiji said blandly. he tossed the uniform back on the ground, and looked at the fox, who laid back on the bed. " I guess you forgot that you are COMPLETELY NAKED. That's your ONLY outfit." The sly fox let a smirk grow on his innocent looking face. Seiji Quickly picked up the uniform and covered his body. " Can I at least get changed." The fox nodded his head, and sat calmly waiting. Seiji looked at the uniform, and looked back at Kitsune through innocent eyes. " Can I change ALONE?" he asked. The fox shot his ears down, and let out a frustrated huff. " Your already naked." he said. Seiji clutched the uniform closer to his exposed body. " I know..." he said. Kitsune just pulled the covers over himself, not looking at the neko. Seijij sighed and shook his head as he put on the feminine attire. The fox's fluffy red tail swayed under the covers as he patiently waited. The neko fluffed his hair one last time, and gave out a refreshing sigh. " You can come out now, i'm finished." The covers immediately flew to the other side of the bed and Kitsune sprang up, blushing hard at the sight before him. " s-so..." he said. Seiji just looked at the ground, and threw a fist over his chest in a effort to protect his dignity. " Where did you get this uniform from anyway?" he whined. " Ebay." the fox replied smiling. Seiji looked at the prince curiously. " What do you expect me to do as your maid?" he said. Still unhappy about the whole situation. Kitsune shot him a devious smile. " Make me a sandwich within a sandwich within a sandwich." " Wouldn't that just be bread... and... fish...?" the neko said. " Wait, don't tell me you just eat fish." kitsune said raising an eyebrow. " Well... Ok, sure." the neko said dropping his ears and twitching his tail. " That's normal feline behavior, I guess... Anyway, yeah, being my maid, you will clean my home and make my tea." Kitsune said swiftly swiping his tail. " And don't try to escape." Seiji felt a small smile tugging at his lips. " I wouldn't dream of it." he said moving to the door. " So, am I still making you a sandwi... sa-nd...wii... food, or what." Seiji was extremely confused, and looked at kitsune for help to this 'riddle'. Kitsune looked at him astonished. " DO you even know how to make sandwiches?" The prince asked laughing. " Yes, but I've never made a sandwich within a sandwich within a sandwich." he replied. the fox laughed at him some more. " Just get in the kitchen, and stair at the ingredients for a while. You'll figure it out." The fox said laying back down on the bed. Seiji didn't appreciate that the fox was giving him a hard time on his first day as his maid, but what else could he do, but suck it up. he let out a sigh, and left the room to make his new master his sandwich(s).


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