I'm Only Mindless For You: A Mindless Behavior Love Story

Heyy! Me, Mary, and Kylie are writing this MB Love story together! hope ya like it! comment and rate!!

Chapter 1

Love at first.... Fall?

"Come on!" Mary yelled from downstairs.
"Okay, Okay!" I said walking down there.
"Where are we going?" Kylie asked.
"To the mall, duh!" Mary and I said together.
"Fine, let's go!" Kylie said with a smirk.
We all got into the car and Mary started driving.
"Turn on Mindless Behavior!" I yelled to Kylie.
"Okay!" she said and turned on Mrs. Right.
"Where is Mrs. Right, I gotta see her, travel all across the world just to meet her, keep me on the flight!" We all sang together.
"This is my song!!" Kylie yelled.
"Oh boy" Mary and I sighed together.
"What?" Kylie asked.
"No because you do this all the time" I said playfully.
"Do what?" she asked.
"Oh I just LOVE Ray Ray! Ray Ray Ray Ray! That's all you talk about!" Mary said.
"Mary you always talk about Princeton! Princeton this Princeton that!!" I said laughing.
"And It's always Roc Royal this Roc Royal that!" They said together.
"So what? Don't get mad because He's the hot one!' I said.
We all looked at each other and began laughing.
"What about Prodigy?" Mary asked.
"Well, I don't know?" I said thinking.
"Me neither." Kylie said.
"Why doesn't Prodigy ever get a girl?" I asked.
"He's so nice" Mary said sadly.
"ZONNIQUE!" We all yelled together.
"What?" she said getting up.
"How'd you-?" Kylie asked looking behind her.
"I was waiting for you guys and I just fell asleep in the trunk" she said rubbing her eyes.
"Okay" I said making a funny face.
"Oh, we're here!" Mary said getting out of the car.
We all got out and walked inside.
"So where's we goin?" Kylie asked.
"To the food court!' Me, Zonnique, and Mary yelled.
"What are ya'll waiting for?!" She said running ahead of us.
"Wait for us!' We all yelled following behind her.
As we were running, We all bumped into this group of boys and fell down.
"OW!" we all yelled rubbing our heads.
I looked to my right and saw Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior.
I felt like screaming.
"Uh, Hi" I said nervously.
"Hey" Roc Royal said getting up with everybody else.
He helped me up and smiled.
"Um, Mary is it us or are we standing face to face with Mindless Behavior?" I asked looking at her.
"No, we're face to face with MB!" She said excitedly.
"Hi I'm Roc Royal" he said shaking my hand.
"Domonique" I said.
"Well, I'm Princeton. You are?" Princeton said kissing her hand.
"M-Mary" she said happily.
"I'm Ray Ray" he said wrapping his arm around Kylie.
"Kylie! You could call me Kylez if ya want!" she said hugging him.
"I'm Prodigy" he said looking at Zonnique.
"Zonnique. You might know me and my friends because we were on 106 & Park yesterday" she said looking at him.
"Yea, you guys must be that new girl group?" Ray Ray asked.
"Yep!' Kylie said.
It was silent for a moment.
"So who wants to go to the food court?" Princeton asked.
"We do!" We all said walking.

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